A Seasonal Situation

Three unexpected travelers arrive in town, seeking a child. They claim to be numbered among the wisest of their people, to bring gifts of great worth, and to desire only to venerate the child. But they are Great Spiders, and their true motives are alien; who is to say that they won’t just eat the baby?

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To use an adopted expression: “Sweet!”

The Situation:

Your “girlfriend”, or your friend’s, - or maybe you’re not even sure who’s (you’re all heavy drinkers/religious nuts)… well, anyway: This girl you know is pregnant, soon due. And the occupant/tyrant has decreed that the heads should be counted. In their home town. You’ll need to travel to [Gehennahem] and find a place for a pregnant woman.

Write a Belief about the Pregnancy/Pregnant girl.

Write a Belief about a fellow traveller.

Write a belief about the occupation/political situation - or a religious belief.


Very cool.

EDIT: I’m reminded of the beribboned spider, Shirat of Arton Bridge - all about the mismatch between the ugly appearance and the good intention.