A Table for Dressing

Hello all just wanted to post this cool table I found to help me with developing a living breathing dungeon for torchbearer, as per

Torchbearer pg. 116, Section Tricks of the Trade subsection Describe to Live

You should describe the atmosphere and characters’
surroundings in an evocative and economical manner. Don’t
describe too much. Just provide the bare bones of what the
characters can discern with a casual glance, listen, sniff, etc

I wanted a way to quickly generate this and found an excellent resource in a old game book…wait for it…

Its the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters GuideAppendix I: Dungeon Dressings…very handy quick and eloquent way to dress up your dungeon and make it alive…at least for me…I will admit I am very lazy…anything to make writing up a dungeon easier…

I also wrote up a quick d6 table to help me determine, per room, what senses I am going to describe…this has helped me a lot…makes things short and just enough information…as per the statement above.

So go dig out your old copies and get to creating…when I am done with the dungeon I am currently working on with this I will post it here or over on the google plus site…

Have a good one

Thankfully this guy has done it for you! thanks Isomage.