A Tinkerers Wagon?

Character conception calls for a wagon or traveling cart that he would not only store his wares and tools in but be able to sleep in as well (A Middle Ages version of an R.V.) I picture it as being like a gypsy wagon pulled by one or two horses and being functionally both workshop and small home although the workshop would have to be unpacked at a campsight to be used.
Obviously it would count as property, and probably have a lifestyle maintenance similar to a small business.
The closest I’ve found is the carts and baggage in the Dwarven Resources (15 rps) which is probably way too cheap for what I’m looking for.
Any ideas on how to do this?*

I’d say as a workshop.

I’d say it’s either a cottage industry (10 RP) or a small business (20 RP). Carts and baggage split the difference nicely. You also need the beast of burden to pull it, of course.

Do I need to buy it as carts and baggage plus something like small hut or rent to provide for the fact that he sleeps there?
I was worried that I would have to buy it as all three plus the animals
(carts, workshop, and house)
If nothing else, he csn start with carts and baggage and a mule team and just build from there in game.

I’d go with workshop too.

Two for workshop, workshop it is! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Buy it as a workshop and assume it comes with everything you need to run your business: Cart, Ox/Mule, Tools, and Supplies. No tent for living as that’s covered under Traveling Gear. Be sure to get Driving and Animal Husbandry or the failures will bring the bandits coming!