A Wizards Library

After reading the thread on title’s and deeds this has been bothering me.
We have characters who can’t own land or property are almost certainly too poor to afford to rent permanent accomodation and typically carry 100% of their possessions with the. But Wizards have a large and valuabe library in their home town somewhere?
If you are a loner where could the character keep that library?
And what if it is lost or stolen? Can the Wizard write out their spells again or do they need to start from scratch with just what’s in the travelling books? And how much would that cost?

The whole thing seems to clash with the other classes and with the idea of homeless murder hobos.
It is very D&D though.

Mentors are mentioned as willing holders until the Wizard PC is able to procure safe storage. Yes, Wizards have need of Mentors (or some other NPC support) far more than other characters.

That is actually not the “D&D” I remember playing.

Having no human relationships except for an enemy is bad for anyone. Magicians are no exception. If you have no friend or parents to store your library for you, and no mentor either…well, it’s got to be in someone’s possession. If you’re in a lonely place, that someone can only be your enemy.

You should probably do something about that posthaste. Of course, you’ll need to find someone willing to take on the responsibility. Maybe you can do something with that last cave you cleared out…

Until you regain your library, the only spells you have access to are the ones in your traveling spell book–best not lose or damage it! You can add new spells to your traveling spell book as you learn them and if you have room, but you have no protected backup storage until your library is once again under your control.

Magicians can get by just fine without a mentor, they just lose out on the perk of learning a free spell each level.

OOOhh that’s good stuff to know and keep in mind. We haven’t dealt with some of that stuff in my game yet, but I figured it’d come in once they get to town.

Anyhow, the magician went the loner route, so I really hadn’t thought about how to deal with his library yet.