Aaron the farmboy, Human Magician

(feel free to correct my English, please)

Aaron was not destined to be an adventurer wizard. He was just a son of a poor farmer, back East. One night he discovered an old book in his grandpa’s attic. Though Aaron never learned to read, he was able to decipher the ancient scriptures, like… magic ? He whispered words he didn’t even know and suddenly the whole granary was filled with wonderful music, reaching the sky and the stars, as sung by angels.
Something both holy and fey.
The day after, a dreadful dragon arrived from the High Peaks and sacked the hamlet, burning barns and people altogether, killing most of the peasant families. No more fields, no more vineyards, no more dad’, just bare ground. Aaron would never know if he was responsible for the “calling” of the beast. He made it to the nearest city and found an old crazy witch who would help him tame his powers. Now Arron has joined a group of adventurers, outcasts and desperate fellows like him, ready to wander into the dark wilds in search for gold, items of power, anything valuable for Aaron to go back home someday, rich enough to rebuild the village, powerful enough to keep the dragon afar.

Age: 17
Stock: Human
Class: Magician
Home: Remote village
Raiment: a skinny boy wearing a way too large cloak
Level 1
Alignement: Unaffiliated

Belief: this adventurers bunch is like family, I won’t leave anyone behind, not this time.
Instinct: Always save every copper for family.
Goal: -

Health 5
Will 3
Nature 4 Nature Questions: Prepare for dark times, listen to the wisdom of the elder ones, hide inside walls
Circles 4
Resources 0

Friend: (Joshua the Carpenter, who joined the city)
Parents: Freai (widow) the peasant (back home)
Mentor: Sulla the Crazy witch
Enemy: no

Alchemist 2
Arcanist 4
Cartographer 4
Lore Master 3
Manipulator 2
Scholar 2
Peasant 2


Wizard’s Sight 1
Early Riser 1

Wisdom of the Sages
Celestial Music
Mystic Porter

Dagger (belt 1)
Cloak (torso/worn 1)
Backpack (torso/worn 2)
Shoes (feet/worn 1)
Traveling Spell Book (pack 2)
Spell Supplies (pack 3)
Large sack -empty (pack 1)
Rations fresh (small sack 1)
Mirror (small sack 1)

Cool character.

I have just a couple english corrections, since you asked for it. Grandpa is one word, so no hyphenation. Fairy is not usually a predicate adjective. Fey is the word you are looking for. Also, fey is not usually associated with holy, but i think that says something really cool about this character and his village.

thx ! corrections done.
I was not sure about “fairy” as an adjective. But its association with “holy” was done on purpose, as you’ve guessed !

here is my rendition of Aaron, he seemed to have a Steve Urkel “Did I do that” vibe (sorry if you don’t get the reference)

awesome !
love it.

and don’t worry, we’ve had La Vie de Famille here too :wink: