(ab)using the recruitment for fun and profit - some thoughts

For my first post:

the “ideal” tenderpaw

(i will just post gamestats since it is mostly about skills and traits right now)

Korry (from Spurcetruck)
Rank: Tenderpaw

Nature: 6
Will: 2
Health: 6
Ressources: 3
Circles: 2

Loremouse 3
Persuader 2
Orator 2
Archivist 2
Cartographer 3
Healer 3
Weather Watcher 3
Pathfinder 2
Medicine Wise 2

Rational, fearfull, young

The idea here was to make maximum use of the 6 Health of a Tenderpaw. Only activating “Will” skills makes it less hard to learn them in play. He also has a skill for most kinds of conflicts. Travel, Fights, Animal Fights, Chases, Speech and Persuader conflics.
In normal fights he relies on his nature to defend and maneuver, using his Hook&Line to help that. Alternatively he can attack with a 3 dice beginners luck. In animal fights he has Loremouse. He probably won’t win fights on his own but hey, he is a Tenderpaw. He is also really afraid and can use his traits in interesting ways. You could put down fearfull and get young to a level 2 traits to have more help in the physical departement or rational to 2 for Will stuff. Every time he is affraid you could flavor it as him “having figured out that this is a time to be afraid”. 3 traits are more fun though…

Any thoughts about this?
If i’d play a new Tenderpaw i would maybe go for a skillspread like this, it’s the best thing you could do with your Skillpoints as a Tenderpaw i think right now.

For my next trick: Abram a Patrol Leader (Guard Captain) that will make the game about the things the player cares wants to.


when creating a Tenderpaw, if you want access to some useful skills, I think Copperwood, Sprucetuck and Port Sumac are excellent choices. That could give access to Weather Watcher, Scientist, Loremouse, or Haggler right from the start. Looking at the box supplement, Grasslake is an excellent choice for Militarist and Insectrist.

Those above skills are not probably the most essential Guard tasks, but could really change the story simply by calling them into play.

The Natural Telant is a perfect spot to grab Administrator; it isn’t available in other ways. Otherwise, a Tenderpaw shoudl certainly consider Deceiver, Orator, or Persuader from natural talent.

Lastly, I’ve rarely seen it used, but the Tenderpaw should consider placing a rank in Laborer.

Laborer: The Obs are low and you have 6 health…