About Dependents & Relationships

Hey there,
I created a few more character’s today and stumbled across a problem I couldn’t figure out myself. As you probably know, you roll on to tables to define your dependents. A few combinations are rather obscure, though. For example, I don’t know what a (Filial/Adopted) (Spouse) should be. Is a (Filial/Adopted) (Infirm Mother) my stepmom? What is meant with ‘filial’ in general?
Maybe it’s the language barrier in this case, but it bothers me a little bit.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ll take a guess!

Filial comes from the Latin filius or filia meaning son or daughter. English, as far as I can tell, uses filial as an adjective to describe something that feels like a parental relationship with their child. For instance, “They had filial love for their new pet,” or, “they loved their new pet like their own child.”

So what could filial/adopted spouse mean? I think it will take some creativity.

Maybe a relationship with a spouse where the only thing you have in common are the love of your children, or maybe you married your spouse who already had several children? As for filial/adopted infirm mother, I think a stepmother is appropriate, or even a blood relative would be fine too.

I hope this is helpful!

Hi, thanks for your answer. Since we already have the option to have an ‘Infirm Mother’ in a ‘blood relationship’, I would argue that the ‘filial/adopted relationship’ is rather meant to represent a non-blood related relationship. Concerning the ‘Spouse’ issue I came to the conclusion that we could get a really twisted background here, where you married one of your (adopted) children.

Maybe Luke can clear things up for us?

Filial means brotherly or sisterly love. It’s similar to adopted. Athos and D’artagnan have a filial relationship.

For the Spouse dependent, rolling for the relationship type is optional (IIRC, the rules note this). For the Infirm Mother dependent, you’d likely choose the adopted option for that roll. It’s up to you to decide who adopted who.