About Foundations, Circle of 10K


I was wondering: Would being a member of the Circle of 10K be a thing to boast of (akin to being a member of the Round Table/JLA), or a secret that must be kept, even in Karsan League or Psyfriendly environments? Ditto for Foundations.


It’s really up to your group and the culture of the world you burned. You’ll note that the Bright Mark trait gives an infamous reputation everywhere but the Karsan League.


In the comic book (Sheva’s War), the Circle of 10,000 seems to be a warrior aristocracy.

Really? I seem to recall my psychologist having an Infamous rep because he was a Code-Breaker, not just because he had a Bright Mark. His 2iC was also a psychologist, and she didn’t have an Infamous rep.


Clearly non-canon, we set Nautilus Prima in the Karsan League, on which psychology (aka ‘the Talent’) was illegal. Our PC ambassador from Darikahn, a psychologist with the Bright Mark, was a major insult to the Nautilan hosts!

I’m currently bookless because I’m at work, but I believe that the Bright Mark trait counts as infamous in non-league areas. It doesn’t give you the infamous trait because it’s doing double-duty; plus this way you can’t have your infamy voted off and still run around blasting people with crazy mind powers.