About Resources, Funds and Loans

Hello to everybody!

I have some questions regarding resources…

A very basic question: is there any difference between being taxed without being offered the Gift of Kindness and being taxed after accepting the Gift?

If you don’t use downtime to recover Resources, are they recovered at the start of next phase, as it seems implied in the example (“I offer Dro the Gift of Kindness…”) in p. 361?

How many Resources tests can be increased via a fund?
If the GM sets the bonus dice is he also the one who sets the number of Resources tests in which you can use them?
In player-loaning-player cases how is this number set?
What’s the point of the Help versus Funds and Loans clarification? Is it possible to help a Resources test?

Thank you in advance!

With the Gift of Kindness, you get what you wanted. :slight_smile:

See p.434 - you can establish downtime between phases if you are the victor for that phase.

Loans last for one test, Funds last for any number of tests until they are taxed away (see the Fox note on p.370).

Yes, you can help directly with your Resources ability, but you will be taxed as well if the test fails. See p.359 for more on helping Resources tests.

Thank you very much!

My mistake comes from the reading of another thread in the Burning Wheel Game forum, where it’s stated that you can set up a fund by doubling the number of dices granted and then adding +1 Ob (and here comes the difference) for each Resources test after the first that you want to be favored. But I guess there are many differences between the systems (I have not read the Burning Wheel, only Burning Empires).

I better pay more attention to what I’m reading before posting! I guess I cannot remember every bit of info… my memory is not what it used to be. Blame beer (no, never!).

A related question on resources:

Can you explain how resources are used for bribes? We didn’t find a bribe skill in the book.

And can resources influence a circles test? How? (I suppose this would indicate the amount of money your bribing with?)

I’ve got a player who wants to be a powerful FoN merchant prince type thing in a BE game, and we’re trying to decide what’s an appropriate Circles exponent and resources exponent for him. He’s gone between a 2 to 10 on Circles, and 10 to 20 for resources. We can’t decide if he’s putting too many eggs in one basket (he’s also complaining about how hard it is to get the right skills for Infection, so I think his characters might be skewed on way too hard (not intentional, he just isn’t sure what’s a good balance for a character).

Determine how much cash is an adequate bribe. Set the obstacle for the cash.

Resources can also be linked to Circles tests in order to simulate bribes. Set the obstacle as described above!