Abstraction Advice: "Mirror Image" Spell

Thinking of Abstracting a Mirror Image type of spell that would make multiple images of the caster to confound and confuse his enemies on the battlefield.

Making the obstacle would cause one image of the caster to appear (with extra successes making extra images), all images would move act/react the same way as the caster, granting positioning bonus for multiple attackers in Fight! as well as increasing the obstacle to hit the real caster instead of his image.

I know that I’m looking at personal origin, caster area of effect, light (heaven) element, and sustainable duration.
I am uncertain if this should be a creation (to create the images), or an enhancement (the images basically enhance positioning and defense).

What would you suggest?

Enhancement. The effects you are describing are definitely under that Impetus.

Thanks Why, I’ll try it out that way and post it in Sparks when I’m done.