Abstractions and the Alternative Sorcery System

A couple of months ago I did a write up of my Alternative Sorcery System hack. Having done some further play testing it seems that it ciuld be used to replace the old spellweaver from revised just by testing Sorcery + Casting Skill instead of will + Sorcery. This would typically give the mage 8-12 dice to abstract their new spell with and they would naturally become better at abstractions with some kinds of magic over others based upon their own style of magic use and spell preferences.
Once a spell was finalized, it would be cast just like sny other spell (open ended Casting Skill).
So if my mage Fafard of the Sacred Fire used his B4 Sorcery and his B4 Destruction he wolud abstract his Firey Dart spell with a B8 dice total. Once finalized Fafard’s Firey Dart would be cast just like any other Destruction spell (using his Destruction Casting Skill)
If anyone were to try to learn it they would do so by testing their Sorcery Skill (First Reading and Practicals) before they would know it well enough to use their casting skill (in this case, Destruction)

Feedback is both welcome and greatly appreciated!