abzu - How did you run Burning Empires at GenCon?

Luke, you have mentioned that you have run BE at Gencon in a 4 hour slot. I am keen to put something together myself but I am a little unclear on how best to achieve this. So how did you do it?

Did you have pre-generated PCs, FoN and a World?
Did you use the Infection mechanics at all?
Did you allow for cooperative scene framing?

Yes, yes and yes.

Sit tight. I’ll post the scenario soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Gencon scenario - I’m down to run a 4 hour game of Burning Empires at a convention at the end of October and am wondering how to go about it.

You’ll be glad to know I’ve abandoned my crazy idea to run an entire campaign in one weekend though …

I’m there too. Furnace is looking to turn into a Burning Extravaganza! :smiley:

I’ll tell Jim from Patriot Games to bring plenty of D6 Dice Blocks with him…

Yes it is! So what’s the current count for Burning games? 1 game of Burning Empires and 2 games of Burning Wheel? Sweet!

Wow. I’m also running a BE event for a con (ENWorld Gameday) at the end of October, and would really like to use the GenCon demo.

relax your horses! I’ll post it soon!


Out of curiosity, the event description in the GenCon catalog says Fires Over Omac (i.e., the scenario) was for four players. Is it do-able with six?

Four players on human side.

So it’s for more than four players? Human and Vaylen in the same game? I’m missing something here.

How many players total is the scenario designed for?

No. It’s for four players period.


Got it. Thanks, Luke!

Hmm… I may have to whip up someting on my own, then. We usually try to fit six people in our Gameday events. I’ll mull it over (and will know better once I can look at the scenario).

I ran my own one-shot game last night for my regular group in preparation for a convention in a couple of months. I’ll post about it in a separate thread, but it worked really well - 3 players (+ me!), individual scene framing etc. Didn’t use the infection mechanics though, but it worked really well all the same!

Any ETA on that Omac demo?

I know it’ll be a poor substitute for Omac, but I’ll try to post my Kalingrad Burns demo this week sometime.

That would be awesome, too, Andrew. Gameday is Oct 21st, but I want to have an event descrition for our sign-up thread, and at least get a look at a one-shot structure, asap.

Agree. I have a one shot opportunity on Oct 7 and would be keen to run a premade BE one shot.

Omac’s coming. It’s been a month of reorganization and shipping over here at BEHQ.


Well, to summarise very briefly, but here is how I ran my game. I’ll post a proper writeup somepoint soon.

I had 4 characters ready made, all of whom tied in with the conflict. They were an inquisitor, the chief of secret police, the chamberlain and a hammer lord.

Then I briefly explained the rules and the various concepts. I didn’t use any of the infection rules, although I did touch on them, and I did run the game as though it was a single maneuver.

Then I started the game by framing the situation (“the vaylen have been trying to usurp key members of the royal family and the church, but you dont know who. The tsar’s daughter has just gone missing! Go!”). Then I framed a couple of scenes for my figure of note to let the players see how to approach things, then I turned them loose. They lapped it up!

I had a few scenes of my own sketched out, as well as some ideas for the players to use if they got stuck, but nobody did. I also had a final conflict planned out (a firefight in the docking bay), and with a few clues dropped their way during their investigations they initiated that conflict all by themselves.

So, in essence, create some compelling characters, frame them into a compelling situation, and have a few ideas where you think they’ll go within that constraint.

We’re going to be putting together a “demo” to try out the Firefight, etc. mechanics next Wednesday, here in Toronto.

If Omac will be ready by then… sweet!

If not, I think I’ll start a thread for some advice on how to handle things.