Acrobatics Skill

According to the Monster Burner, it takes a speed of 7 to “perform physical feats that leave others with their jaws hanging open” while Speed 9 is compared to Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master 2”.

As humans are capped at Speed 8 there should be a skill that allows for greater training than what the average person can do on their own without training, and such a skill should be rooted in Speed (as are Dance and Stealth).
Considering that all BWG characters already have obstacles set for physical, acrobatic like actions, I propose that the current system is treated as “Beginners Luck” for Acrobatics, while those who have aquired the Acrobatics skill test their skill exponent at half the current obstacles.

Okay, what can the skill do and what are the Obs?

Go the trait route as you suggested in your other thread.

Please Note: After much discusion and research on this subject, I have decideed to withdraw this idea as this "skill would take too much away from what Speed should be. I have instead, proposed two new die traits to allow those trained in acrobatics to achieve a substantial boost for that purpose as long as they limit their armor choices.
I thank you all for your feeback and advice.