Actual Play: Grasslake Drama Avoidance

This is session notes written following the Player Turn session from the previous GM Turn session. It was a blast!

Hello all, This session was a bit lengthened, and it was a great display of Player Turn possibilities!

Welcome and Prologue

As there are new players, we waited a short period to allow for additional players to join. We’ll get more of that sorted out in near future. The GM gave a brief prologue of events (the first attending player had not been present in the GM Turn). The incoming player told us about Patrol Guard J traveling ahead of the other patrol mates and having a bit of extra time prior to their arrival; this gained a Player Turn Check rather than a pass/fail for a skill.

Review BIGs

We took a moment to revise Belief and Instinct as well as set a session Goal.

Checks Played

With one player who had an earned check and a free check, we began. Later another player was able to join who had three earned checks and a free check. We ended up not swapping turns with checks, and I liked how that turned out just fine. I might ignore the rule about passing checks if it seems fitting.

Player Turn:

Grdms J had some quick assistance from Patrol Guard Kaileigh Mailrunner to visit Mapleharbor and learn about hunting wasps with dragonflies. It was a fun, short diversion and a great opening for learning Insectrist. Mapleharbor has dragonfly breeders who routinely hunt wasps of the region. So, joining and learning was a good activity. She was also able to meet the fairly eccentric mayor Crane of Mapleharbor.

Kaileigh is a daughter of Mapleharbor, so she encouraged the patrol to feel comfortable connecting with her family in Mapleharbor if needed. They love other cloakmice too.

After gathering as a patrol, Ptl Grd L and Grdms J returned to the peddler Brian to negotiate an exchaneg of shelter for promising to undertake his request, at least to the degree they felt would be within jurisdiction–no abduction of the alleged thief would be permitted! It was a good means to get good rest for the patrol while alleviating the frustration of Brian having been refused earlier. He even arranged passage from Burl to Grasslake over the ferry.

Arriving in Grasslake, the patrol made use of a local library and the guild of blackmasons (any artisan that deals with charcoal is a blackmason) to seek out Lester, the blacksmith and armorer who Brian wanted to deliver the message, letter, and token to. It turned out to be a strangely incredible romantic gesture from the alleged thief, Florette. It was a letter signed with her name: Florette Androgyn, and the token of her clan mascot. Using this, Lester could enter the court of her tribe and demand her in marriage! What chaos is Brian trying to start?!

The patrol went nearby to Florette’s bakery where she and cousin Honeywind own a flourishing, working-class bakery and cafe. Florette was astounded when the circumstances were described. She went with the patrol back to Lester to sort things out. He was furious, and wanted to haggler over some kind of deal for losing this potent bargaining chip over Florette’s life. Florette would have haggled right back–even offering her cousin Honeywind as a possible marriage partner. But, Ptl Grd L woudl have none of it at all. She demanded he cool his head, return the certain forgeries, and consider that Brian caused this hot mess.


The patrol gained some rewards of Fate and Persona for BIGs, MVP, Workhorse, and Embodiment.

Yet, also, the patrol had created three solid contacts in Sandmason, Burl, and Grasslake who have no ill-will for the cloakmice. Florette has trust for the patrol members, and will certainly share her tale with her tribe in Sandmason. Lester is disappointed, but sees no unkindness by learning the truth; he’s not a close friend, but he will be an ally with proper compensation. Brian feels heard (despite his lies), and will continue to rely on the patrol for other strange requests; he might never gain their trust, but it seemed they did as he asked.