Actual Play Report: Grasslake courier mission

I’ve run a modified version of this mission before, and I found this was a fun result. Some elements went similarly, and others went differently. The patrol in this case was small, but of a Ptl Ldr and Ptl Grd, so both were capable of handling a mission like this. It is a fairly simple journey and courier mission to arrive at Grasslake ready to conduct some presence patrols in the large city between the lake and the prairies.

I like to use Grasslake as a secretive, but welcoming place. They want the Guard to be welcome and to frequently visit, but they don’t want the Guard asking too many questions or learning about their libraries of eastern travelers’ and explorers’ journals and memoirs.

This was a first session of a campaign. I’m always a bit uncertain of starting a campaign now, but I’m giving a good shot of this working at least through 6-8 sessions. We are playing over Roll20. The following is the session notes written for the campaign forum on that site to keep everyone aware of the events.

Hello all, This session was shortened a bit, yet it was also a good lesson for learning and practice of mechanical rules.

Intro and Foreshadow

Cpt Isabel sent a patrol to Wolfepointe several days ago to attend the races; she assigns this patrol to arrive at Grasslake and begin to build rapport and create a reputation. The weather is fair, warm and clear. In Spring, there are many beasts coming out of long slumbers.

Assigned Mission

Cpt Isabel assigned the mission to reach Grasslake and create relationships, and to serve mice in the region.

Review BIGs

We all reviewed BIGs, but this will grow over time. Future sessions will be a bit more organic in creating BIGs.

GM Turn: Wilderness, Mice

The lengthy trek to reach Grasslake was a challenge. The patrol chose a safe route, thoughfully going about two days to Blackrock, followed by about two days to Mapleharbor, then about a day to Sandmason. They were alerted about snakes writhing in masses in the rocky terrain between Sandmason and Burl, as well as along the coast of Grass Lake. They took heed, and cautiously headed onward.

Twist: Animal

While moving between Sandmason and Burl, they encountered an overturned cart of rice grain. The peddler was no where nearby. As the peddler was missing, the patrol spent time to search the area hoping to find him or her. They discovered a hidey-hole where a snake was resting with a bulging belly–surely the poor mouse peddler. It is a cruel world to be hunted on every side.

Quick recollection reminded the patrol mates of the manner of garter snakes (as this was a garter snake), and they made an unhappy escape. The startled snake made attempts to bully them in another direction–possibly trying to help other snakes get a meal! They felt exhausted, but the patrol arrived in Burl.

Once settled at a small courier house, they were approached with a request, an odd, uncomfortable request, to take a message from Brian to a blacksmith in Grasslake, Lester. His request included a token, a letter, and a spoken message, “I respectfully decline the opportunity for a business partnership.” Then, Brian piled on another request for the patrol to seek out an alleged thief, Florette (of Sandmason, visiting a cousin in Grasslake). He wants her brought to Burl, possibly against her will, to answer his claim of stealing something valuable from him.

The patrol wanted to wisely convince Brian of something different. They described the Guard has no jurisdiction in Grasslake, Sandmason, or Burl, and wanted to have verified evidence of his claim of theft. They seemed at a stalemate when Brian emphasized that Grasslake holds political sway over Burl, and he needs the might of the Guard to leverage his claim for justice. The patrol asserted that a business partnership with a local in Grasslake might give him more credibility and status.

Ultimately, Brian went away distraught, but his words echoed and wormed into the heart of the cloakmice. Though they made no promise, they feel something could or should be done.

Player Turn

We transitioned, but had to end the session. This will be our starting point in the next session.

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Cool ideas, I always like the more mundane/diplomatic types of missions that wouldn’t be considered standard adventuring and that have the potential to spin out into something more complex.
Also like your Grasslake, might repurpose parts of it for my Wolfepointe.