Actual Play?

(SirBertran) #1

I’m still slogging through the Firefight rules, and find them fascinating but overwhelming. How many of you have actually played this game, and how did it go? How steep was the learning curve, and what are the most difficult parts to wrap your head around?

(Colin Booth) #2

I’ve played. One almost-full phase, a few con games, and a few 2-4 session deals.

Not sure if it’s your first BWHQ game. If yes, the learning curve is pretty steep. The rules themselves aren’t terribly hard (no more complicated than, say, mid-level modern D&D play to GM) but it’s very different from a philosophy perspective. Burning Empires expects all the players to be pushing hard, and really firing on all cylinders from day one. And the demands of the game are on all fronts: rules, roleplay, etc…

The hardest parts in my experience were reconciling character goals (in the form of beliefs and your relationship web) with the overall attempt to win the infection.

That said, it’s an amazing work and probably my favorite BWHQ game. I hope it goes well. Feel free to ask any questions based on things you find, and if you have a question that’s an extension of something you find on the forums, don’t hesitate to reference that thread in your question (but please, don’t just comment on the tail of that thread).