Adapting M&M to early 13th C - the Albigensian Crusade

I’m ramping up to run a game set in Lenga d’Oc at the end of the 12th century/beginning of the 13th century at the ramp up to and during the Albigensian Crusade. One option we’re looking at is adapting M&M to the time period.

Normally I wouldn’t try to force a game as opinionated as M&M into a setting it wasn’t intended for, but I think that the Albigensian Crusade might squeak by because the Mentalities of the 30 Years War have similarly important dimensions in the 13th century:

  • Nationality is important given the involvement of Aragon (or proximity to Catalunya), England, France, and Lenga d’Oc. Plus the recency of the first four Crusades, Jewish and Muslim folk wouldn’t be massively out of place either
  • Politics similarly is complicated because of the difference between Lenga d’Oc and “northern” France, the involvement of Spain and England. It might be more properly renamed Loyalty in this case though?
  • Religion is (reportedly) at the heart of the Crusade and following inquisition. This list is probably shorter than its 17th century counterpart, but that doesn’t immediately worry me since it may just end up creating a pressure chamber for the religious question/s for the group

Assuming that the lists for the above were adjusted, along with some of the lifepaths like Jesuit, are there any issues anyone can foresee us running into?

I should note also that none of us are experts in the period’s history, so we’ll probably be ignorant/tolerant to some anachronism. I’m mostly wondering about the engine of the game bucking or throwing us in a way we haven’t anticipated.

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At first blush… I would say combat and its reliance on firearms will create some friction. The dueling rules might help, but they’re focused on evoking the innovations in weapons and techniques from the late 16th and early 17th century, so even there you’ll find some dissonance.

Gnosis and the Sacred & Profane…this process was only just getting started in Europe. I’d remove everything except Necromancy and Catholic Prayer from the S&P options.

Thanks for the input–just some clarifying questions if you don’t mind!

For combat, I’m getting the sense that just ignoring firearms, or “reskinning” them to to something like a crossbow (and maybe adjusting damage down and range up) wouldn’t really help much in your opinion?

For gnosis and magic, I see what you mean about the ars goetia, but I’m wondering if theurgy might succeed were the angelic deemphasized, and local spirits and “small gods” brought to the fore. Far more heretical, but that might work well in our situation. Similarly, the briuxeria from Catalonia seems like it might work well?

I’ll admit an alternative game to play is BW, but M&M is attractive given the choice of and strong focus placed on the Mentalities.