Adapting the stock lifepaths from the Monster Burner

I have searched this forum for the past ten-fifteen minutes now, trying to get some more info on the MoBu stocks and their lifepaths in relation to BWG.
I have come across some threads that mention that the lifepaths need some work, but nobody has really written about what kind of work or how much. I’m terrible with mechanics, and I’m not much of a hacker of rpgs, so I find it difficult to just sit down with the BWG book and the Monster Burner and just seeing what needs changing.

What needs to change to make the MoBu stocks more in line with the core stocks in the BWG book, lifepath-wise?

Basically it comes down to this; some skill trainings are now traits [e.g. Sprint Training = Sprinter trait]; changing Speed-Multiplier to Stride [basically doubling it for most races]; then some minor cosmetic stuff that anyone could handle.

What minor cosmetic stuff is that?

All the natural weapons traits need to be tweaked for the new weapon speeds (an indirect conversion) and length names (a direct conversion).

All the natural armors use the BWR names (so “plated leather” is “light mail”, etc) but otherwise a direct conversion.

Various traits affect speed multiplier that now should change stride.

Many training skills in BWR are now traits, so for LPs with those you’re probably want to add the trait to the LP, subtract a skill point, and potentially add a trait point if the LP doesn’t have any.

Probably some other things I am forgetting.

Thanks a lot, thats really helpful!

Here are the notes I made after comparing BWR ChaBu to BWG ChaBu and then read through MonBu and considered what changes might be necessary. I might have missed skills that became traits.

Roden - Probably some skill changes such as Firebombing -> Arsonist. Looks like all LP have traits and most have wises. I don’t feel like Roden need much change in light of BWR->BWG increased focus on making sure most LP had a trait and a wise that mostly applied to humans anyway.

Spiders - Few wises and traits, I would consider adding a wise (plus skill point) and character trait (plus trait point) to the lifepaths.

Trolls - Few wises in the Pit setting, I would consider adding some wises (plus a skill point) to the lifepaths.

Wolves - Not too bad, but a few more lifepaths could use wises (plus skill point) and character traits (plus trait point).

The skills I noted that became traits (these almost never actually resulted in increased trait points for humans):

Geometry Training -> Geometric
Burial Rites -> Burial Rites
Sprinting Training -> Sprinter (did come with trait point for one Orc LP)
Burial at Sea Rites -> Burial at Sea (came with an additional trait point)
Back Breaking Labor -> Back Breaking Labor
Black Bile Poison -> Black Bile Poison (did come with trait point)
Void Embrace -> Void Embrace (did come with trait point)
Estimation Training -> Estimation (did come with trait point)

There are a small number of skill name changes and replacements, but I think other than Firebombing, I don’t know that there are any changes that would apply to MonBu.

Looking at the skill -> trait changes above might suggest places in MonBu where changes might be made.


Wonderfully helpful! Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I needed.