Adar from Rings of Power

Hey All,

Just a comment that Adar from Rings of Power is a freaking cool Dark Elf. I think he steals the show every time. I love his design, burned and angular face.

I love how he fits Burning Wheel so well!


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That’s cool. I haven’t seen much Rings of Power… I bounced off of the first one or two episodes when it seemed like nothing was happening.

Yeah, the show is so/so. but I am committed to watch it all the way.

Although there are some aspects that I don´t like, in general I have been enjoying the show a lot.
We don’t really know what the specific background of Adar is, but from what I intuit (and wish), I would burn him with the following Lifepaths:
Etharch Setting: Born Etharch; change to Path of Spite Subsetting: Griever, Liar and Deceiver.


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