Adjusting Magic

Hello Everybody, first time poster here!

First of all sorry for the mistakes, english isn’t my first language.

Recently I have started running a campaing using the Burning Wheel Gold Mechanics in a setting inspired by a mod of civilization IV. So faar everything is going great but im having a little trouble witha an issue regarding magic:

In this setting magic has the potential to be a very strong tool for just about anything, if properly applied. However it is also a complex and potentially deadly art that nobody really understands so faar. Mechanics-wise im using the basic BWG magic system plus enchanting, abstractions and summoning. You’ll probably see the problem here since the Magic Burner, being written for BWR has a few rules that contradict BWG system. So i’ve been trying to adapt the MB to fit into a coherent whole to work with and I wanted some advice in this regard.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

-The roll for magic casting is Sorcery as open ended always, not the Sorcery+Will stated in BWR or MB.
-I’m considering removing the Perception aptitude Ob penalty for abtractions, reducing the base Ob for them from Ob 12-17 to 8-15 depending on aptitude.
-In order to allow the caster to resist the masive tax of the abstraction I’m considering a modification of “reinforce a weak body with a strong mind”. The sorcerer may opt to add a temporary Will penatly to add quick boost to his Magic dice pool. Basically the sorcerer is conciously over-exerting himself to cope with a situation that would otherwise (literally) conflagrate him. The lost dice are recovered at a fixed but steady rate.
-Anything not specifically mentioned here is left as-is as per BWG rules.

The general idea is to allow a system that makes magic handy yet dangerous. Abstractions are known by some in-setting but either forbidden or directly not taught to aprentices because it is way beyond them (Testing Sorc 3 Forte 2 vs Ob 12 = Fiery crater or something simillar). This creates an enviroment where being a dedicatd warrior is a very viable option since you take the low risk path. Powerful Arch-mages are extremely dangerous but not exempt form “burning out” through casting.

I’d apreciate any sugestion on how to refine this.