Advancement and Bloody Versus

I know I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere, but couldn’t find the post.

In Bloody Versus, you split the dice and roll against the opponent, with various bonuses based on armor, weapon length, etc. How do you determine the difficulty of that roll for Advancement purposes? I assume you include the advantage dice from armor and weapon, but do you just take whichever roll is more difficult? Do you only use the attack roll? Do you pick based on what’s useful?

Example, and the situation I’m trying to figure out.

Foolish Knight has Heavy Mail and a Polearm. Fights Creature which has claws.

Foolish Knight splits his dice, 4 for attack, 1 for defense. He adds 1 to his attack from longer weapon. He adds 3 to his defense because of the armor. This gives him 5D attack, 4D defense. His opponent ended up getting 1 success for its defense and 2 successes for its attack.

So do I use 5D vs. Ob1 or 4D vs. Ob2 for purposes of advancement?

Thanks for any help!

In any scene where you roll for an ability more than once you take the hardest test for advancement. All dice you add to the roll, apart from those gained by Artha, are relevant for calculating what kind of test it is.

In your example it doesn’t matter since both are routine tests. If any of the rolls had been a difficult or challenging test instead you would have gotten that.

You probably saw my post, which was in the BWR forum -