Advancement and Fate for Injury

If I am injured and I spend a fate point to shrug off a die penalty do I log tests for advancement as if I hadn’t spent that fate point?

I think not as the fate point is not being spent on the test itself but instead on the wound.

No, there’s no test logged.

If you’re asking about ability tests: Tests are based on the dice rolled versus the obstacle. The current rating of the exponent is not a (direct) factor.

If you’re asking about tracking artha for epiphany purposes: artha used towards shrugging off wounds doesn’t get logged towards anything.

It’s actually a decent question because generally, dice added to the roll through use of artha don’t count against the ob when figuring the difficulty for the test for logging purposes. So, basically, the question is, if I’m making a test that, under normal circumstances, would be routine for me, but I’m wounded, so now it’s difficult, but I spend artha to shrug off the wound, is it logged as a routine test, or a difficult one?

Glancing through my book, the advancement section at the front doesn’t say how dice lost through wounds are treated, and the wounds,health and recovery section doesn’t mention logging tests or advancement at all. I could see a case being made that Ob added or dice lost through wounds aren’t counted for advancement purposes, so that if a test normally would have been routine for you, it’s still routine even though you’re wounded. I could also see a case being made where they do count, though I could see a situation resulting from that where a player who needs some difficult/challenging tests to advance purposefully gets their character injured just so formerly routine tests are now difficult/challenging. Though, given the nature of the game, that might not be that bad of a motivation, making players find some roleplay justification for injuring/getting their character injured. For example, taking out your belt knife and slicing your hand (+1 Ob sup wound) while swearing a blood oath to avenge something or other.

Don’t infer rules like that. You’ll get lost down the rabbit holes.

Test difficulty is number of dice vs obstacle, with dice added from artha not counting. The bit about artha is the exception to the general rule that everything else abides by.

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When you use Artha to Shrug it off, there are no dice tossed and no test, thus no Advancement test logged.

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