Advancement and Tax with Cash

If you fail a resources test, are taxed, but have used enough cash to insulate you from dropping your resources exponent, do you still lose tests towards advancing resources?

My understanding is that counts as a failed test.

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Resources differs from the general case because a failed test can sometimes cause the exponent to drop; however, I’m not aware of anything that changes the rule that you lose ticks toward advancement when the exponent drops.

So, if your GM chooses to apply a different result than tax or you have enough cash buffer to avoid losing exponent, then you keep the ticks.

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No. You only lose advancement tests when your exponent drops (or increases). If you don’t suffer Tax, you mark a failed test. See Clean the Slate (Dungeoneer’s Handbook, page 109). The Dragged Down subheading specifically addresses when skills or abilities are reduced.


Also Taxing Resources and Treasure and Cash (Dungeoneer’s Handbook, page 60).


Thanks everyone for the help!

This makes things very clear, I didn’t realise taxing resources removing tests towards advancement was because you always remove them when lowering (or raising) an exponent.

I’d also missed that you’d never be able to advance if failed tests meant losing other tests towards advancement!

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