Advancement for Helpers in Bloody Versus

How the heck does this work?

Last night, Dallin and Siggar followed the fleeing Osme the hill man. He was badly injured; the fight was desperately one sided. After Fate, he mustered 2D/2s on defense and 4D/3s on offense. The heroes rolled something like 9D offense and 5D defense.

Dallin was helping with his B4 Sword skill - what does he earn for advancement? We didn’t track whether his single helping die went to offense or defense, though if he’d had 5D it could have gone to both. Would he get to pick either the Ob2 or Ob3 test?

I think the simplest thing to do is simply record the most difficult test. In this case, he’d earn a Difficult test (his skill of B4 against Obstacle 3).

I gave him his pick. What you say fits with Fight, thanks.

The two test are 9D v Ob2 & 5D v Ob3. Either way, both tests are routine and he only scores one of them.

Helpers log tests as if they used their own exponent, not the total dice actually used in the roll.

Facepalm Yes, of course they do. They log the highest of the two tests then.

So 4D vs Ob 3 would be the defensive test for the helper?