Advancement limit?

(Gorsh) #1

Now that we’re on the topic of advancement, I seem to remember reading that skills couldn’t go over Exp 10; but I can’t find it in the book. Is it so? Or am I just assuming it, since that’s where all tables stop? With a lot of downtime, things could become really silly eventually…

(Luke Wheel) #2

It’s a theoretical limit. I don’t believe we’ve had anyone surpass exp 10.

(Anthony) #3

Rich had a Jihad character with a B12 Resources, IIRC.

(Gorsh) #4

The thing is, the PCs got 3 years of downtime, so any social skill with a 1 month cycle and a starting exponent of 6 could very well go higher than 10; if the players would be interested -and considering the role Persuasion has in the DoW, they sure are!

(Thor) #5

I suppose they could do it, but it’s pretty wasteful. Sure, Persuasion is important during scenes in the early phases, but it’s far more potent (IMHO) to focus on infection skills, especially ones for future phases that you don’t have.

(Luke Wheel) #6

Tell me more about the situation in the game. Start another thread in the General Questions forum, since this question is answered.

(Gorsh) #7

Hi Luke! First, thanks for dropping by, and for the awesome game.

I started another thread in GQ telling it all; but I’m not sure I understand what you meant with “theoretical limit” here, so it is possible, even if unlikely/wasteful/uninteresting?