Advancing affiliations

I was wondering if there was any way to advance an Affiliation? I was imagining, for instance, a building scene, or a Maneuver where the intent would be to fundamentally improve an organization.

Actually, maybe by including Maneuvers in this I answered my own question. For context, I’ve got a player who’s going to be playing the Anvil Lord of the grossly under-equipped and understaffed Imperial Guard on planet. One of his beliefs centers around forging the guard into something worthy of praise. I feel like this might be too big for just a building scene, but perhaps worth a maneuver? Can you tag a ‘if maneuver is successful, my 1D guard affiliation goes up to 2D’?

The reason I’m looking at this rather than just improving the guy’s Circles is that 1D, 2D and 3D military units have differing skill exponents.

Check out page 355.

You can advance in rank, and it sounds like you can improve your forces this way too (as long as the colour’s there, I suppose), though it doesn’t look like you can advance an affiliation from 2D to 3D.

In some of the actual play examples, changes in affiliations and reputations have been the stakes in conflicts (usually DOW); If I recall correctly these were directly related to one or both characters’ beliefs. So if you the other player and the rest of the table are Ok with the stakes I’d say go for it (although the consequences for a failure should be comesurate).

If I were the GM at the table, and a player was trying to buy it with resources the resource Ob would be high 16-20, and no gift would be given (big Tax potential). Time to start circling up help, linked tests and other rolls. Which is all fuel for other aspects of the story.

Can taxing someone’s military affiliation also be the stakes of a Firefight? Like, I want to beat up your army so bad that it will be less effective in the next fight unless you spend mega-resources building it back up. Is that kosher?