Advancing Greed

Under Greed and Advancement (pg 123), it says, “Note that a failed Steel test [made for the She’s Magnificent rule] in which the player chooses I Must Have It! counts as two tests for advancement,” but it doesn’t specify what level of tests they are. Are they routine? Difficult? Challenging? Am I missing that somewhere? Thanks!

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It’s a good question; I can’t find the answer either.

A comment in an older thread calls them Routines –

– But my copy of BWGR contains no such statement.

That said, my gut tells me that Routine seems the most plausible: I imagine Dwarves coming across wealth worth coveting pretty frequently (though maybe I’m downplaying the threshold of value necessary to trigger the test). She’s Magnificent is something the GM can just walk the character into through no input from the player; and the player can trigger She’s Magnificent and must choose I Must Have It in order for that option to manifest – It seems like the light touch encourages engagement with those systems and softens the GM-Auto-Walking blow nicely, so it feels like the right call design-wise.

Hopefully one of the HQ folks will clear things up.

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My copy of Revised says “counts as two tests for advancement”.

My copy of Gold says “counts as two routine tests for advancement”.

I feel like that was a layout sacrifice probably.

(Also - yes - I bought a copy of Revised so that I could lend my copy of Gold longterm to a friend)


Groovy, thanks!

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