Advancing health at high exponents

I ran into something that made me think when looking at the advancement of health, and that is that advancement beyond about exp 6 seems incredibly hard to do.
Health test difficulties that I can find are at their highest listed at ob6 (for a mortal wound). There are also not a lot of common obstacle penalties like there are for basically every other test in the game, and since the injury penalty dice do not apply to health you can’t really reduce the amount of dice you roll.
Add on that that there aren’t many circumstances where health can be used to help, and it seems awfully hard to advance a high exponent health attribute.
Due to the circumstances of our game, my character started with health 7. Basically, what are some ways the attribute could reasonably advance? How could I get difficult tests without taking mortal wounds, and how could I get challenging tests at all?

Training would be my first thought.

Maybe instruction? I don’t have my books in front of me so I don’t remember if instruction can increase stats or if it’s only skills.

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Health seems to be the one attribute that can’t be raised through training. At the very least, there is no entry for it on the training times table what I can see on page 48.

Huh. Well that’s what I get working off of memory.

Health. Yeah, I have no idea how to raise it beyond B6. Take poisons? Haha!


Become a sorcerer.


Right, health tests for tax, right? My character happens to be one, actually. With a forte of 8 I could potentially get an ob8 test if I manage to burn through all the dice if I’m not mistaken. Or is there anything else I’m forgetting?

No, that’s it off the top of my head.

I’ve been thinking about situational disadvantages related to sanitary conditions and proper feeding /sleeping. Essentially, when any of those conditions is poor (healing wounds in a cell, in a desert while starving, after weeks of sleeping less than necessary, etc), you get +1Ob or more to the health roll. I haven’t used it yet, though.
Also, being sick would impact the health rolls you make until you get to recover.

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