Advancing Lifepath Skills

Quick question about Lifepath skills. The formula for advancement is that you start out being able to advance 5 lifepath skills, and then 1 fewer each time through the lifepath. What if a lifepath offers only two advanceable lifepath skills? Do you just advance those two skills with each level and the remaining levels are ignored?

Yah, you get a break then and just advance those two and drop the rest. But think of it balanced in terms of focus vs breadth and choice vs being locked in to one type.

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On the subject, when switching lifepaths, do you start the advancement clock for that lifepath skills at 5?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question.

When you switch lifepaths, you need to fulfill the E or Entry level requirements. Then you unlock the full package of skills, LP HP and saves. If you don’t have a skill, you open it at 1/6 plus your modifier. If you do have the skill, you increase the rating by one.

Does that help?

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