Advancing Skills, Stats & Attributes

I probably have missed or misinterpreted a passage from BWG.

My question is, do you use the same test when advancing skills, stats and attributes?

Let’s say you rolled a test of Ob3 and exponent 3 and 4 is a rating of hard. Can Skills, Attributes and Stats advance using the same test? Or do you have to pick one of Skills, Attributes or Stat to advance with that test?

You mark the test for the skill or stat that was rolled. So, if you make a Challenging test with Will, you mark the test for Will. If you make a Challenging test with Persuasion, you mark the test for Persuasion. Everything advances individually, except for derived attributes like Mortal Wound or Reflexes, which change as your stats go up.

Skills and Attributes have nothing to do with one another except when a skill is being opened. So you’ll roll one or the other. If Observation is a trained skill, it doesn’t matter that the root attribute is Perception. That doesn’t impact it in any way.

You advance what you roll. Note that in a Beginner’s Luck test, you’re still rolling a stat, so you do mark two things at once then–you mark one test towards learning the skill, and mark one test towards advancing the stat. (That’s how I understand it, anyways. Maybe I’m wrong.)

Not both. If the Ob (pre-doubling) would be challenging or difficult then you mark a stat test, otherwise you mark a test for Beginner’s Luck for the skill.

Right! I remember that now. It actually starts to make a lot more sense now, in terms of how the system norm is.

I knew it was easier than I thought, considered a newbie even though I got all the first prints long ago. Just couldn’t find anyone to play with then sold the books.