Advancing song of burning bright

here’s the situation: new elf character, grief 5 so ob 5 test. exponent is only 2. no other characters have the song and elves are rare in the setting. is it not impossible to get routine tests since you can’t fork anything or get help?
the only thing i can think of is using the song to help others making intimidate or other skill checks but i couldn’t determine if you can use spell songs to help skills or not.

anybody know what’s up?


It can be practiced as a Sorcerous skill. I believe helping with a spell song is also possible. You can increase your Grief and sing it Carefully to get easier tests. An elf with the Song of Songs spell song can help you, or you can find a magic item with bonus dice. Other than that, you’re out of luck.

Hmm… If you get 2 Advantage Dice and Work Carefully twice (Care of the Eternal) for a total of 6D vs Ob 5 which is Routine… Assuming you can get those dice and Work Carefully twice.

Other than that, you can sing Songs in the Duel of Wits, yeah? So, if you can get someone to fail an Incite pretty hard against you, you can use the Margin of Failure as Advantage Dice against your next Test.

You also might be able to do a Linked Test into it somehow? :thinking:

6D on Ob 5 is still difficult, in fact, to get Ob 5 Routine, you need 8D. So the solution is probably to advance Grief

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Ah, yeah! You’re right!

What about using song of burning bright to help someone else’s skill? Is that allowed? I couldn’t find a definite answer in the book.

You can only get one advantage die unless I’m mistaken

The player can only lobby for one. The GM can grant two, though. Page 28, BWGR.

Helping needs to be appropriate. Generally spell songs would not be able to help regular skills.

Having a low exponent in a spell song indicates you’re not really a master of it, and the obstacles admittedly make it difficult to advance without ready help. Burning Bright is one of the most difficult, it’s not really a solo song but meant to be sung by a dread company of lancers.

The simplest mechanical option is to circle up more lancers to help.


I could see, say, Intimidation being helped by the Song of Burning Bright, depending on the situation.

I would need the intimidating character to be really damn scary to be the one rolling when an elf is burning bright. And either way that doesn’t help a ton on account of they need low Ob tests.

I guess this is why Elves have to live so long, chalking up all of that Spell Song practice!


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