Advancing to Go Into and Avoid Close Combat

Okay. Volley One. Bret and Josh have both scripted Advances. Josh wants to get into Close Combat with Bret. Bret wants to stay the hell out of Close Combat with Josh. Both Bret and Josh have the same options for positions to Advance to. When and how is the position you Advance to chosen? Because if Bret chooses last, he’s going to pick whichever position Josh isn’t Advancing to, and if Josh chooses last he’s going to choose whichever position Bret is advancing to.

Seems to me that since they both scripted Advance, if either guy wants to avoid close combat, he made the right choice.



Sorry, what I meant is that Josh has Close Combat scripted in the following Volley, so he wants to Advance to the same position as Bret. Bret wants to avoid Close Combat at all costs, so he wants to Advance to a different position. They both have Advances scripted in THIS Volley. How does that get sussed out?

Well, if it’s an issue like that, why not let both sides privately choose their positions as well?

Good solution, and we’re kind of dumb for not thinking of that.

Not dumb! There’s a lot to take in. You’re doin’ fine.