Advancing Wil and Health

Okay I know I am missing something.

Beginner’s Luck tests for a skill do not count towards advancing Will and Health. So when would a PC test either of these for advancement? It’s gotta be staring me in my face.

Will is tested to recover from Angry, Afraid and Sick. It is also used to break ties in tests of mental strength or insight. Health is tested to recover from Exhausted and Injured, avoid traps and to break ties for tests requiring physical exertion.

Now I feel like a total idiot. =p

This is what happens when I read the book over a month of subway rides while falling asleep.

Thanks Thor.

No problem! No classic consoles for you this year?

Not at Prime. Unfortunately Prime falls right during the 2 weeks the kids are done with camp and school hasn’t started. So it’s kinda hard to tell the wife and kids goodbye and leave them for a gaming convention instead of going off on a family vacation (which we just got back from). But when they get older I will bring them with me. Really looking forward to that.

But since I am going to miss East next year due to my mid-life crisis Iron Man, and next year is the 10th Anniversary of PAX Prime, I’ll most probably go.

10 year anniversary already? Man time flies.