Adventure in the Spring of 1153

I love the comics.

And much happened in the territories during the Fall and Winter of 1152. Midnight’s rise and fall, the food shortages during the long winter and the poisoning of Lockhaven’s well. This made me interested in starting a campaign continuing the story where the comics ended, the Spring of 1153. There are certainly lots of problems and themes dealt with in the canon for a GM to build on!

The territories are probably quite unstable after last year’s rebellion and problems. What happened with the followers of Midnight that went unpunished after the rebellion? Maybe there’s smaller groups still out there planning to interfere with the Guard? And Darkheather, didn’t it lead straight to the wells of Lockhaven? What will the Guard do about this weakness in there defenses, should it be explored or just destroyed as quickly as possible? And how’s the political situation between the different settlements, maybe Midnight’s rebellion has made mice more suspicious of each other? And where is the legendary Black Axe and its wielder?

So, what I’m looking for is more inspiration! Do you have any ideas about what could go on in Territories after such a turbulent last year? Any thoughts on the examples I mentioned above? Have you played/GM:ed in a patrol during this period and what happened in your group?

I always wondered what kept midnight in exile. I mean he was a guard right, so he could have found some new allies outside the border, or he could have secretly made his way back inside the border…or both. Plus, you gotta wonder, was he exiled on the darkheather side or the wolfpoint side?

If you have not read this, you should Spring_1153. It was a free comic book day one shot, but it is cannon.

Just read it. That was awesome!

This is exactly the long term story arc that I am hoping to achieve with my game. I haven’t fleshed out the details yet, but am considering Midnight to have survived, found some allies out in the Wild Country (some mice kinda like barbarians perhaps? He brings them back into the territories to help him. His goal, find a new symbol he can rally the mice behind. Perhaps a forgery of the black axe. perhaps he’ll steal those snake fang horns mentioned on the cover of legends of the Guard. or Farrer’s hammer (which you can see on the shelves as Liam reads the history of the axe, and the R2D2. :P) Either way, the main theme of my story this year will be to seek out and deal with secret combinatons which are still loyal to Midnight’s cause.