Adventure Planning Sheet

I drafted an Adventure Planning Sheet…
Comments welcome. Click on thumbnail to dl the pdf.

Hey Dude, the thumbnail aint rendering here for me… Firefox 3.0.4 Win Vista 64

I did find the direct link though…

As a counter bit of debuggery, it works fine for me running Chrome on Vista 64x.

Yeah I get a broken thumbnail link on Chrome and IE. Nothing in FF. Anyways I have access to the PDF and thats all that counts. :wink:

I caught a couple errors, and updated the sheet.

Looks pretty cool. I think it could work. Any updates on the release date?

Adventure Planning Sheet:
the APS is a tool for use with MG, which you can download from the above link, since 2 days ago.

Mouse Guard:
If you pre-order MG from IPR, you get to download the MG PDF now.