Adventures drawn from Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher universe

I was thinking this morning that the first Witcher book from Sapkowski is full of great TB adventure material. Notably the second story, A Grain of Truth, in The Last Wish. It’s kinda about a haunted manor, the cursed lord of the manor and another, more dangerous monster. Rewards could range from silver plate & art objects to coin or info about loot hidey-holes in the area. I’ll give this a few hours of mapping time tonight & cross post a custom monster or two in the Compendium. The adventure will be spoilerific of the actual story.

Additionally, the world of The Witcher presented in both the second game (I never played the first, PC only game) and the books is pretty fertile for a Torchbearer game - elves, dwarves, humans in simmering conflict with each other, monsters and bandits on the road. There’s war ravaged misery all about along with curses and prophecies and ugly realpolitik. They are definitely R rated both in terms of sex and violence. Closer to Dragon Age than Fable or Legend of Zelda. Definitely not YA reading.

As for posting adventures derived from Witcher stories, I’ll stick to the gloomy, wasted atmosphere and the cool ‘old world’ monsters.

I love the idea. The Last Wish is a great book and the setting has this crapsack world feeling that can give room for a party of murder hobos. The only thing is that I don’t see how can a proper dungeon fit in there. Maybe you could focus your adventure in tracking and hunting monsters in the wilderness instead of getting into caves and underground lairs.

Stay cool :cool: