Adventures of Cheddar

To help get myself acquainted with this new system I figured I would coerce one of my friends into playing some 1 on 1 time with me. She’s never done a game like this before so it’s been great fun for both of us. We’re playing over g-mail messenger and I thought I would post how things are going for comments, ideas, or rule boop ups. Here’s her character we Recruited for her.

Name: Cheddar
Age: 22
Home: Lockhaven
Fur Color: Red/Orange
Guard Rank: Patrol Guard
Cloak Color: White

Parents: Lily and Lee the Apiarists
Artisan: Lee the Beekeeper
Mentor: Siemon the Scout (deceased)
Friend: Sal the Trader (travels)
Enemy: Micah governor of Copperwood

Fate - 1
Persona - 1


Belief: A guardmouse listens first then acts on those words.

Instinct: Always find the source of the trouble.

Goal: "Deliver the mail

Guard’s Honor 1
Calm 1
Quiet 1


Pair of Well-balanced daggers
Journal & quil
Cricket (Buzz Buzz)

Nature (Mouse) 4 / 4
p: f:
Will 4
p: f:
Health 4
p: OO f:
Resources 6
p: f:
Circles 4
p: f:

Apiarist 3
p: f:
Healer 2
p: f:
Insectris 2
p: f:
Pathfinder 4
p: f: OO
Persuader 2
p: f:
Scout 2
Survivalist 4
p: f:
Weather Watcher 4
p: f: O

Apiary-Wise 2
Star-wise 2
Cricket-wise 2

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And here’s our session so far. We’re still in the GM’s turn. I don’t know what’s up with all the astrix’s they just appeared…

*‪me:*‬ ‪While taking care of the bees in the Apiary a small beetle skitters up to you. It has a box on it’s back and you recognize it as Roibin the Scribe’s pet who often deliver’s messages‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Looking down at the lil beetle "Well Hello there lil guy, is there something in that box for me?"‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪The beetle makes a little hop and waves his antennae towards a letter folded up‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Grinning at the beetle, I reach down to gently lift the letter off his back "well what have we here"‬
unfold the letter to see what it could possibly be

*‪me:*‬ ‪|Cheddar- I have a mission for you regarding the mail. Please come to my office as soon as you’re done with the bees for today - Gwendolyn|‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪looking down at the beetle " Looks like I better get my work done, thank you Beetle"‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Finish up with the bees, making sure every bit of my work is done, then I set out to see what Gwendolyn needs of me‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪After you finish you’re work shortly after lunch you head to Gwendolyn’s office where she stands behind her map table. "Hello there Cheddar, I’ve got some mail that needs to be delivered to a few settlements. Four to be exact. The spring weather is going to make it a little difficult, but I these are fairly important."‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪"Of course Gwendolyn, How may I be of assistance?"‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪She hands you a bundle of about ten letters "Take these letters at the break of dawn tomorrow and go quick as you can, they are communications regarding the upcoming year as well as a few personal letters that are overdue."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪"Be sure to get plenty of rest for tomorrow and check the weather before you head out. You’ll be alone since most of the other patrols are out repairing the paths from the thaw."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪Gwendolyn also hands you a map of the territories with marks on Elmoss, Sprucetuck, Dorigift, and Gilpledge.‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪takes the bundle as well as the map "Of course, I will deliver these as quick as I can. Before I go to prepare myself is there anything else?"‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪She shakes her head "No, I think you’ll be fine. It may be hard but just remember the Guard’s Honor and it’ll guide you. *Gilpledge is rather busy now as there are a bunch of refugees from Walnutpeck. Especially for a settlement so far away."‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪nod in agreement “Will do. I should be off now to prepare.” once back home, Buzz Buzz, greats me "Hello Buzz, looks like you and I have some work to be done! We must rest up and prepare ourselves"‬

Buzz Buzz is her pet cricket that travels with her as a companion. Kinda like a faithful hound.

*‪me:*‬ ‪You pass the night sharpening your pair of knives, and double checking the destinations for the letters. In the morning you share breakfast with your folks. After that you tuck your knives in your belt. Then you strap the letters, map, your journal and quill to your back and make sure they are covered by the hood of your white cloak. Before you set out you look up into the sky and try to discern what lies ahead for you‬.

She makes a Weather Watcher check vs. Spring: 2 vs. 4 she lost. No prediction.

‪me:*‬ ‪Squinting up at the wispy clouds you can’t quite figure out what the winds will bring you, you hope for a clear day, but the wind seems eerily chilly.‬

‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪wrapping my cloak around myself, I look down to Buzz “Ready lil guy?, we have a long way to go” * * ‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪Wrapped up tight and with this in mind you head out from Lockhaven along the well worn path leading to Elmoss. You pass another patrol as they clear out a part of the path which has been washed out in an earlier rain. The leader nods to and wishes you well. After two days you make it to Elmoss. It’s muddy and chilly for spring but nothing to bad.‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪In Elmoss the family rulers to receive their letters are overjoyed, and one of them offers you the night in her house. It is a warm meal from the cold road. The next day you set out for Sprucetuck‬.

*‪me:*‬ ‪You get a similar reception in Spruce tuck, but don’t dally as the stout smells of sciencemice at work make you sneeze. So you head out after the letters are handed off‬.

*‪me:*‬ ‪The path from Sprucetuck to Dorigift is a long and infrequently traveled one. Especially after this Springs rain. The clouds grow a bit darker and the wind is biting.‬

She has to make a Pathfinder Ob 6 check, she chose not to boost it anyway and take what happens. She got 2 successes so I used the weather twist.

*‪me:*‬ ‪That chill wind was certainly an omen. Along the way to Dorigift you are overcome by a wicked cold rain. Even though you stop and take shelter it steadily drives down and you’ll have to forge on through it.‬

Had her make a Health Ob 3 or become Sick. She got 3 on the nose and came out fine.

*‪me:*‬ ‪Luckily your cloak proves warm and well-made it sheds most of the water that falls down on you. You are careful not to fall into any puddles and quickly hop from tree to tree. You end up moist but not particularly chilled when you enter Dorigift.‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪In Dorigift they dry you off and gladly accept the letters giving you a loaf of warm nut bread and a mug of cider. It’s still raining when you set out the next day for Gilpledge with no sign of letting up. Luckily Gilpledge is not as far away.‬

For the shorter trip she had to make a Pathfinder Ob 4 check. Only 2 successes this time so I decide this has been building up to our first conflict!

*‪me:*‬ ‪On the way to Gilpledge the rain begins driving down even harder and you fear for the mail. It’s almost like the weather has it out to ruin this. ‬

The conflict begins and our goals are set.
Round 1
Spring (Disp 9) - Ruin the mail! Cheddar (Disp 6) - Get the mail safely to Gilpledge.

Action 1! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Defends; 3 to 4 she overcomes it all, but her Disposition is already max so no gain there.

*‪me:*‬ ‪The rain comes down fierce upon you, but you take off your cloak and roll the mail up in it quickly to keep the last few letters extra safe. It’s cold and wet, but these must be dry.‬

Action 2! Spring Maneuvers and Cheddar Maneuvers; 2 to 3. Spring decides to give +2D for it’s next action. Cheddar goes for the Disarm action. (I decide the leaf gives Spring a -1D on Attacks and Feints as it’s primary weapon is rain)

‪me:*‬ ‪You run quickly along the path and spot a large leaf along the ground. Picking it up it completely covers you and Buzz Buzz blocking most of the rain. You can hear the wind picking up and howling‬.

Action 3! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Feints; Nothing to 3. Cheddar makes a powerful strike at Springs disposition

*‪me:*‬ ‪You can feel the wind blowing as it whips the rain at you quickly, luckily you see large group of bushes with a perfect path through them. You dash through here making great progress.‬

Round 2
[i]Spring (Disp 6) - Cheddar (Disp 6)

Action 1! Spring Maneuvers and Cheddar Attacks; 3 to 3 Cheddar decides to break the tie with her Quiet trait against her to earn 2 checks. Spring goes for the Impede option since it won by 1 success.[/i]

*‪me: As you emerge from the bushes lightning strikes nearby causing a brilliant flash that startles you. Losing your footing you slip into a waist deep rivulet of cold water.

-----Updated Here On Nov. 16 '09-----

Action 2! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Defends; 4 to 2 Cheddar’s disposition is reduced by 2!

*‪me:*‬ ‪Slogging through the small stream of water is starting to numb your legs and slow you down you try to scurry up the sides but slide back down into it.‬

Action 3! Spring Defends and Cheddar Maneuvers; 2 to 4 Springs disposition raises by 2, and Cheddar Bolster and Impedes.

*‪me:*‬ ‪Finally you flip the leaf against the side of the deepening trench and scurry up it pulling it along after you. The ground seems to have grown softer and slips easily between your toes making progress difficult.‬

[i]Round 3
Spring (Disp 8) - Cheddar (Disp 4)

Action 1! Spring Defends and Cheddar Feints; Nothing to 5. Spring loses 5 disposition![/i]

*‪me:*‬ ‪In the distance you can see the rocky out cropping that is Gilpledge. Spying your destination invigorates you and you spy to your left is a line of small boulders that you leap onto giving you firm footing as you rush along.‬

Action 2! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Maneuvers; 1 to 1. It’s a tie!

*‪me:*‬ ‪As you run along the small boulders you hear a vicious howling from the wind picking up. Holding on tight to your leaf you leap into the air and sail through the air landing under a tree safely waiting briefly for a lull in the rain before you set out again‬.

Action 3! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Attacks; 1 to 1. Both lose a little ground

*‪me:*‬ ‪As the rain lightens up you dash to the next tree only to slip and fall in the mud, but you get up quickly and make it‬.

Round 4
Spring (Disp 2) - Cheddar (Disp 3)

-----Updated Here On Nov. 17 '09-----

Action 1! Spring Maneuvers and Cheddar Defends; 2 to 4. Cheddar recovers 2 disposition.

*‪me:*‬ ‪It’s not far now, the crack leading to Gilpledge is just ahead. You double check the bundle of letters and it’s wrapped up tight and safe. With a firm grip on your leaf you dart your way between small puddles.‬

Action 2! Spring Attacks and Cheddar Feints; 3 to Nothing. A mighty blow to her disposition.

*‪me:*‬ ‪Thinking you’re safe you decide to push yourself a little further and make the final dash to safety. Only to hear a rumbling come from behind you as a torrent of water floods down the path. There seems to be nowhere to run.‬

Action 3! Spring Feints and Cheddar Attacks; Nothing to 2. It’s the final strike at Springs disposition and the conflict ends.

*‪me:*‬ ‪With the flash flood coming straight at you and nowhere to run you leap at the crack for Gilpledge’s entrance. The water slams into you and sends your body tumbling through the crevice. With a crash you’re thrown through the main door of Gilpledge. Soaking wet and gripping the bundle of mail tightly you slide to a stop in the middle of the cavern. With water and mud sluicing about the floor the town mice stare at you in astonishment. You let out a violent sneeze and feel pain shoot up your leg.‬

Cheddar discusses a compromise of delivering the mail safely but with the conditions of becoming Sick and Injured. She wants to put the safety of the mail before herself.

*‪me:*‬ ‪The mayor of Gilpledge approaches you, “That’s the first time the rain has ever delivered the mail mouse to us! Are you ok?” As he comes near there is a splorch noise nearby and Buzz Buzz leaps out of the mud to land between you and mouse‬.

We’ve finished the GM turn and now enter the Player Turn. She has 3 checks to spend.

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Reaching out I gently calm Buzz Buzz, and while grabbing for the mail bundle, pain shoots up my leg again "It seems while the Mail has made it in one piece, I have not. *My leg appears to be injured."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪He puts an arm under you and gestures over another mouse to help, "We’ll get you to our healer straight away. I’ll have my assistant hand the mail out while we get you bound up."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪While hobbling to the healers house you let out another drastic sneeze. "I think you’ll need some herbal tea for cold you’ve come down with, you might want find some soon as your leg is well."‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Sniffling "Yes, thank you, that is a lovely idea."‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Hobbling upon the healers door, with the help of the other mice, Buzz Buzz wearily at my side, one of the other mice knock gently upon the door‬

She wants to use one of her Checks to recover from being Injured with the Healer.

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪From behind the door come noises of shuffling and then, “What do you want?” *I reply‬,‪ "I have traveled a long way from Lockhaven to deliver a bundle for the Mouse Guard, and I am afraid I have hurt my leg along the way"‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪An old gray mouse opens the door. She’s wearing a thick shawl of many colors and her eyes filmy. "C’m’in, deary. Guardmice forget their bodies are as brittle as any others. ‘ways thinkin’ of simple letters and packages 'fore themselves."‬

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Smiling slightly, yet wincing as I hobble in with the help of the other mice‬,‪ "I’m afraid that’s part of being a Guardmouse, all in a days work though. Sneezing hard‬,‪ “Excuse me. *Is it alright if my companion comes in with me, or would you like him to wait outside?” Motion over to where Buzz Buzz is hiding behind the door frame‬.

‪me:*‬ ‪She peers at the cricket and grunts, “Crickets are good luck. Friend likely the reason you made it.” She ushers you over to a bed and starts moving her hand a long your leg‬,‪ "Looks like you’ve sprained it. I’ll try to brace it and hopefully it’ll be better by tomorrow. If you hold still and help me keep the pieces in place while I bind it we’ll have better luck."‬

We did a Healer check using the Healer from the Denizens section with her skill of 5 and +1D for Cheddar assisting with her own Healer skill. The oldfur got 4 successes so her Injured condition is lifted.

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪Wincing but trying my best to stay quiet‬,‪ “Just tell me where to hold what you need.” Glancing over at Buzz Buzz, who has placed himself near the head of the bed‬,‪ "Make sure to stay out of the way, lil guy, can’t have you getting hurt either."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪With your help to steady the brace and her knowing hands the leg is tightly bound and the pressure relieves much of the pain. She gives you a pat on the head. "I think you’ll be fine. Was there anything else I could do? Your nose seems t’be drippin’, why don’ you be lookin’ through my cupboards f’r some tea. I have a hard time with the labels myself."‬

She requests another Check be used to lift her Sick condition. Results are the same as before!

*‪AaLesha:*‬ ‪"Yes, my nose is giving me quite a fit. If I am your eyes, will you help me find the right tea?" I say smiling‬,‪ "Thank you so much for my leg, it feels better already."‬

*‪me:*‬ ‪As you sort through some of the jars and call out labels she shakes her head at most of them, “Hrmm, barkroot…or bitterbark…bitterelm…no, none of those. Ah, did you say Elmsleaf? That’s the one.” She takes the jar and boils the contents in a pot of water. Reaching up she opens one of your eyes wide, then pulls your tongue out. “This’ll keep the cold away and settle your sneezes before you knock anymore of my tonics loose.”

Things will get more interesting now that she’s gotten rid of those pesky conditions! Sadly only one Player Check remaining.

First off, very nice! I wonder how you did rolls via G-mail chat though?

Some observations:

  1. When she failed the weather watcher test, you could’ve inserted a twist or condition.
  2. Also note that you get to GIVE them conditions. Unless I’m mistaken, they only make test to RECOVER from the conditions, not to avoid getting it from you.
    2a. Hmmm… IIRC if it was a weather obstacle (rain), she can make a test to resist the condition, but this is a weather twist from a failed Pathfinder check so she shouldn’t be allowed to test to resist the condition.

Excellent conflict though! I, for one, have trouble “narrating” weather/season conflicts, I’m very glad to read about your example.

I thought about having the failed Weather Watcher check cause a twist, but since I didn’t see anything about penalties in the Weather Watcher skill itself I decided that if she invoked a twist later on it would be the weather one.

I pulled that Weather twist straight from the Deliver the mail example mission.

The GM can use a weather twist to bring in cold spring rain. The rain causes the patrol to make an Ob 3 Health. Failure can make them Sick or Tired. The rain also acts as a factor in all further Pathfinding, Scout and outdoor activity tests for the rest of the session.

That’s why I continued to use it.

edit; Oh yeah, for the rolls we just use
and I go off of the honor system of what she rolls, and she has no reason to cheat.

See p.91 for Failed Tests. Fail a test = GM gets to beat up your character.

While I do see your example from the sample mission, I don’t know what to make of it… but I’d rather go with p.91.

Kudos on the honor system, but the dice from WotC isn’t viewable by others and I’m looking for one that can be (aside from online rpg programs).

Regarding p. 91. Remember, I did use this as a factor in deciding which twist to use later on in the game.

Nothing says you have to have the result affect them immediately. I think if you can incorporate it better into the story at a later point then there’s no issue.

There are some IRC clients that show dice rolls. My friends and I used to use a version of the WoTC dice roller that would send an e-mail to the GM whenever you hit Roll. It was custom built though, not sure what became of it.

If by “result” you mean condition or twist, no. It affects them right after the failed test.

I will have to find something regarding using health to resist conditions. I know that exists somewhere, probably for weather conflicts, but what’s bugging me is being able to resist conditions after failing a pathfinder test.

Re: Dice roller, I guess I’m stuck with the likes of OpenRPG or MapTools. I know there are web-based ones that can send an email or a link so the GM can confirm the roll, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I was hoping there was something that I can incorporate into Skype or G-Wave.

Once again, p. 91 does not say you have to immediately follow with a twist or condition. Using the failure to determine a future twist makes perfect sense to me. These rules are guidelines for play, and that check she wanted to make wasn’t even an Obstacle, she just wanted to try her Weather Watcher skill out. Should have probably waited until the Player Turn but it seemed a good time, and even if she had succeeded I would have just advised her of the upcoming weather, rather then giving her the full affect of Weather Watcher.

It also makes very good sense to me to make Health checks to resist getting sick. There’s an example about it when Liam and Cel are traveling in Winter.

Now if I had gone with;
“After traveling the long route and getting lost a time or two you finally end up at your destination but now you are Tired.”

Then it would make sense to not test Health against getting tired. Rather I chose to have the Weather twist occur (specifically because of the failed Weather Watcher check) and that invoked the rain which she made a Health test to resist getting sick from.

The book also says you’re not supposed to do things twice, but I felt the second Pathfinder test to Gilpledge worked well given that we now had rainy conditions for the path. Her failing that test lead to a similar result as the first failure except escalated into a full on conflict. If she wins the Conflict with minor compromise I’ll probably give her Sick or Tired and what not if it’s worse.

The first two paragraphs alone makes it clear enough. Though it does not use the word “immediately,” it does say when you fail, the GM does two things… yada, yada…

I think you will find that though you are free to play as you wish, that is not how the RAW says.

Do note that if she did succeed with her test, she could and most probably would dictate the weather for the session. So if she gets something from a success, wouldn’t a failure mean a twist or condition as well? That sounds fair, right?

Again, I agree with such checks if it is versus the weather as in a failed WW test. However, if they make such checks DUE to a twist DUE to a failed test, that’s where I’m raising my hand in objection. I’d like to see someone with a better handle of the game come in and point something out of the rulebook here. Anybody?

I guess you didn’t read the part where I said since it wasn’t an Obstacle and more of a for fun check she wouldn’t have gotten a large reward, so no sense in making a large penalty. Which is weird because you quoted it…

Perhaps if I break it down into cause and effect for you, you’ll understand my logic.

Cause; Failed Weather Watcher check
Effect; A future weather based twist (As per p. 91 failed checks cause GM fun)

Cause; Failed Pathfinder test
Effect; A twist! (As per the last check it’ll be a weather based one)

Cause; A weather based twist
Effect; A Health check to stave off the effects as per the sample in Delivering The Mail (The mission I’m loosely following)

Hello Scipion! Wow, both of us are “geeking out,” huh?

Don’t worry, I did not miss that part. Still, if the check was still for fun and she succeeded, would you have prevented her from setting the weather for the session?

I’m awaiting verdict from one of the “more experienced” MG players here on TWO points:

  1. Can a GM “delay” a twist/condition?

Cause; Failed Weather Watcher check
Effect; A future weather based twist (As per p. 91 failed checks cause GM fun)

  1. Can players test to avoid a condition that is implemented due to a twist?

Cause; A weather based twist
Effect; A Health check to stave off the effects as per the sample in Delivering The Mail (The mission I’m loosely following)

While I’m at it, can someone point out (aside from the sample mission) where it talks about making tests to avoid getting a condition like Sick?

Sure, it’s on the same page with the Weather twist for Delivering the Mail.

And yeah, I actually would have limited her Weather Watcher affect. On account of it not being a real Obstacle and just something for fun. Had it been an Obstacle or a player check during the player turn, totally all out with reward and failure.

The health test to avoid sickness is straight out of the sample mission, so that’s fine. The failed pathfinder test -> weather twist. Then the GM calls for a health roll, failure leading to a condition -> sickness. Cheddar wasn’t rolling to avoid the weather twist.

Ice, Page. 236 - “Health is most frequently tested when trying to resits the physical trials of life on the road–fatigue and injury. Health can be used for any physical test that doesn’t fall under Nature or a skill…”

The failed weather watcher roll allows the GM to set the weather at the start of the [next] session and due to weather-based twists. (page 254). So, essentially the GM gets the next change in weather, whenever the next weather happens. That’s actually unusual in MG.

In general, a failed roll should lead to the condition or twist “immediately” in the storyline bearing in mind that immediately may look like “The next morning…” or “Two weeks later…” depending upon the speed of your narrative. What a twist shouldn’t be is sort of hanging in the background waiting to be sprung on the mice at some vague point in the future, while they go about other things.

Scipion, I’m not sure what you mean by her weather watcher not being a real obstacle? All that seems to be required is that the weather watcher make a versus test against the current weather. It doesn’t have to be in the player’s turn. Can you clarify?

Twists don’t cause conditions. Failed tests cause conditions (or twists).

It wasn’t a GM called for Obstacle like one in the original mission. She just wanted to use her Weather Watcher check since she was setting out on a journey to see if there would be any harsh weather.

Sounds like a perfectly valid Weather Watcher test to me.

Like I said, ASIDE from that one, is there any other example or mention of this in the book? Nah, anyway, noclue has clarified it below.

I fail to see how something can be “serious” and be “for fun.” “We just crossed the stream, let me see if I can make a bridge so the next crossing is easier, but this Carpenter test is just for fun…” :confused: You mean to tell me players can call for tests during the GM’s Turn even without me telling them they had to test anything? I know they can do that for the Player’s Turn, but for the GM’s Turn?

Hahaha!! I see it now! I can’t believe I was so blind! That’s what I love about this game, I’m learning new things all the time and it’s always a “why didn’t I see that before?!!?” moment. Pathfinder test fail -> weather twist. Ob Health test fail -> condition. I guess I saw it as Pathfinder test fail -> weather twist WITH a condition -> roll to see if you get the condition or not. Apparently that last bit was on backwards. :eek: Or maybe I saw it as the condition being tied to the failed Pathfinder test and not as a separate Health test. :rolleyes:

Ah, my point exactly. While “immediately” may be two minutes later or two weeks later in the game world, it happens “immediately” in the real world. Fail a roll, and something happens NOW due to the failed roll, not later after a few other tests and what-not.

Ignore that. Post was made due to confusion. Move along folks, nothing to see here! :smiley:

Well, again, the WW test is perfectly valid and it was actually very cool for the player to be the one to bring it up. It’s the “oh, I didn’t do a twist or give a condition immediately for the failed roll since it was a [for fun] roll” that’s under question of validity.

I still have trouble adjudicating Weather Watcher properly. I think if a player wants to test it, it’s fine to give her a roll–the results of success or failure are implicit in the test (i.e. who gets to set the weather).

One of my concerns with this is players mongering for free Weather Watcher tests, outside of the GM’s Obstacle-Players’ checks economy, and advancing Weather Watcher too quickly (also the slippery slope of “If I can test Weather Watcher whenever I want, why not other skills?”). I think, were it not the first session with a group, I would limit the kind of Weather Watcher test we’re discussing to the Players’ Turn.

Well if they kept abdicating the Weather for clear sky’s then they might cause a Drought of Unreasonably Warm conditions. Each action has a reaction.

I think the fictional impact of long-term inclement or unseasonable weather is on top of the considerations I mentioned above, but watching the weather has never been popular enough with my players for me to explore this in play.