Advice for Beginning Middarmark Campaigns

I thought I’d start a thread for the community to help out new GMs or new players get started with a campaign in the Middarmark.

I’ve been getting a few questions and comments on how or where to begin with the Middarmark, and I’d thought we could all discuss them here.

The goal of the Sagas of Rimholm project is to lay out how one would create a whole campaign in the Middarmark. We use Rimholm as a template, but you could extrapolate that to any part of the Middarmark or your homebrew campaign that uses Middarmark rules. But the zine will take us months to put together and publish.

In the meanwhile, there are some articles that may help get the ball rolling arranged in reading order:

Owen created a Torchbearer primer with some helpful links. This is our most popular article of all time on the MP Blog and is a good place to start to gain an overview of what all is out there:

Thor has a series of articles that steps you through making a campaign starting here:

Thor has a great article on how to begin with small dungeons:

Thor has a four-part series on how to design an adventure in the Middarmark that starts here:

Here’s my more advanced blurb about dungeon design:

How to design traps:

That should be a pretty good start to get the wheels burning.

Then, there are a whole bunch of articles that focus on the cultures of the Middarmark. You could spend an afternoon reading through the Torchbearer blog.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you!

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Welcome, Anton.

We love to read actual plays when you run your first game.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

The pronunciation guide link.


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