[Advice] GM tips for MG

Hi all,

I’m planning on running an MG game this summer once my semester ends with 3 friends of mine, all of whom have not played MG either, but are veteran gamers (we’ve all played lots of different games) and very good RP’ers. We’re doing this online via Skype, since we’re scattered across the country.

So, my question is, what general advice or tips would you give me for running MG? The game seems very straightforward, but were there any surprises you ran into? How did you deal with them? Any particular advice for playing online if you’ve done so (e.g., should we have an online die roller, whiteboard, etc)?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!

push the checks system HARD. Traditional RPG’ers are used to the GM invoking their disads, where in MG, they have to do so themselves.

don’t worry about beating up on the player’s in the GM’s phase. hit them hard.

i kept thinking the game would end, but it kept twisting and kept getting interesting

don’t overthink the adventure…keep it simple, finding a grain peddler leads to all kinds of twists and turns

all the checks they earn will lead to awesomeness later on.

scripting is awesome, fun, unpredictable…don’t be afraid to hit them hard using scripting: it’s surprising how “certain victory” turns into defeat, and vice versa…don’t think a fight is going to go a certain way (a la Dnd)

compromises after scripting is fun: use it to get some of what you want

…and use the player’s enemies, friends…it’s the best cast of NPCs you’ll ever have…players jump to help/harm them.