Affiliation with Forged Forces?

I was burning up a Forged Lord GM FON and wanted to make sure he had the ability to call on both the Anvil and Hammer of his world. Now, I understand he gets the full benefits of both the Anvil Lord and Hammer Lord traits, but when it comes to buying Affiliations can he just buy a blanket Affiliation to Planet’s Forged instead of having to buy a separate affiliation for both Hammer and Anvil? It sure would make spreading the Circles points in character burning a lot easier.

I’d say he would have to have a different affiliation w/each one, but could have a ‘dual’ repuation.

Righto. Separate affiliation for each service.

Yeah. Poor Forged Lords need to spend all their points to have lots of Tanks and Ships. Dont have any points left over for friends. They get lonely!

Or, you could go the more hilarious route and not purchase the either the Hammer or Anvil lord traits (I assume that “Grants access” means giving the right to spend a trait point on them). “I have the right to control both ground and space forces!” “Do you have any?” “I’m working on that”

You’ve seen the Anvil Lord / Hammer Lord Skill/Trait access list yes? Forged Lords get access to both sets for free, no point spendings needed (and no circles rolls to snap your fingers and get a signals op). You’ll want to spend points on reputation in order to have a big force but you don’t need to fork over points to use gain access to that stuff.

Nope. “Grants access” means you buy one trait (Forged) and get the effects of two. But to use those effects you still need the appropriate Affiliations.

Otherwise, if it just let you buy either or both, they would just be on the traits list for the Forged Lord LP.

Good point. I still like the idea of a Forged Lord who didnt spend any points on his affiliations.

Heres another question. If you have both Hammer and Anvil Lord LPs (and therefor, traits), the character would by definition have command of both kinds of Military assets. Would that make him a Forged lord, even though he doesnt have the LP?

Yes, at least potentially. You may not, however, be the planet’s Forged Lord in the game fiction (unless that’s your concept). It’s also gonna be easier to have one or both traits voted off if you don’t use them, I’d expect.

Not without the trait. Given the build required to get both those LPs, there’s no good reason to not have just taken Forged Lord.

I could see someone being commander of combined land/space forces (Hammer Lord + Anvil Lord) without being high commander of all planetary military forces (Forged Lord). You could play it like someone who has consolidated military power to them but hasn’t officially been bestowed with that power.

That combination would give you almost all of the powers associated with being Forged but without the prestige because if you’ve gone the “Hammer Lord + Anvil Lord -> Forged Lord” route (instead of the “Your * -> Forged Lord” path), the Forged trait doesn’t give you anything you didn’t already have except for a 1D reputation and a 1D affiliation. By that point, it’s pretty much nothing but a really really badass character trait.