after a few sessions...

My wife has discovered the flaw with her mouse’s instinct:

“Always heal the wounded immediately”

she often winds up having more pressing matters.

When writing beliefs, and especially instincts, think about the narrative flow of the GM Turn… you may wind up unable to try for them if you don’t.

That’s cool, though. If she plays that Instinct and earns that fate point, it’s really going to mean something.

She’s decided to keep the instinct; she actually got to it.

She neglected to think about needing the two checks needed to invoke healing in the GM turn… She had them, she used them tonight.

She also managed to acquire, in one session of 2 missions, both played belief fate and played against belief dramatically persona.

“I need to keep the medkit stocked, 'cause I never know when I’m going to need it.”
In mission one, she chose to snag herbs every chance she got. In mission 2, she used up that stock of herbs, using them up without concern, since the mission was aided by it, even tho’ she could have foraged for them, deflecting even concerns from other players. (Invoking Rational and also getting 5 checks in the process: -1D self, Weather +2D, and tie-break… the job has to be done for the many, I don’t have time to snag cooling herbs on the way, nor even stick to the shady paths… we must get that beaver dam down and take no breaks en route.")

If you’re going to play against your beliefs, work it up to dramatic play. Justify it with your traits, buy those checks, describe the angst, and see if the group grants you that persona for it!

(I know, I’m pushing the “dead thread” time on it)…

Sunday night, we finally got the wife to change that instinct.

Actually, it was triggered by Jerry’s earning the persona for playing against his belief dramatically… Jerry let a rebel mouse die for the greater good, while holding the belief “A Guard Mouse must protect all mice, even from themselves.”
We all voted for the persona, and again, for him to change the belief… Folker is geting a bit jaded it seems. Grist for the next trait vote.

But Steph’s gone and replaced Nola’s with “Keep her med kit stocked.” This gives her direction to go during the player turn.