After Winter, players want new characters

After completing a mission during Spring, Summer, and Fall we had a good Winter session. Some players are using sample characters. So, these sample characters received the benefits of the Reflections phase, and Sloan was promoted to Guardmouse.

After we completed Winter Session, two wanted to relinquish their sample characters to make new characters. I was thinking of letting them retain something of the growth from Winter session as they began a new character, but didn’t want to give them the impression that they could frequnelty make new characters without losing out on the progress of a former character.

Has anyone else found methods to settle this type of turn-over?

When situations like that has come up here in our group it has either been because someone voluntarily has went out to the right of the scene with their character, death or something else, because they wanted to change character or because a character died in a conflict. Neither has happened many times but all the few times they have just started a new character. I understand your thinking though but we have never done anything like that and I think that if a player voluntarily switch character he/she shouldn’t gain anything. Since it’s very hard to draw the line between a character becoming dead or impossible voluntarily or involuntarily in game action I think it’s best to go the same way here, then there’s never any question: switching character doesn’t gain you anything but a new character.

Personally, since they’ve been playing the sample characters and are ready to play their own creations, I would allow them a one-time character switch. I would award them for feeling comfortable enough to finally create something of their own, but explain to them that in the future, new characters are just that, new characters, with none of the previous experience belonging to characters played in the past.