Age & Recovery

Hit point systems are great, but combined with aging systems they get into wonky results. Characters tend to get more hit points as they age, which can reflect durability, skill and wisdom, but doesn’t reflect how much punishment a young, healthy body can take. My first attempt to adjust for these factors focuses on hit point recovery. Rather than using a flat 1d3 for all characters, trying use recovery based on age:

19 years and less: 0-2 immediately after combat, 2d2 per day of rest thereafter
20-29: 0-1 immediate, 1d4 per day of rest thereafter
30-39: 1d4 per day of rest*
40-49: 1d3 per week of rest
50-59: 1d2 per week of rest
60-69: 0-2 per week of rest
70+: 0-1 per week of rest

Add Constitution modifiers into your healing rate. Minimum recovery is 0.

Immediate recovery can bring the young back to consciousness from zero or less hit points, but the drop to zero still counts toward exertion.

*Note the increase in the general healing rate. In order to properly incorporate Constitution modifiers, we need a range of 1 to 4.


When you write something like 0-1 does this mean (-1) or 0 to 1? If it means the latter, how do I apply it? I would love some clarification, since you also used this pattern in the rule book.

Top of page 31. I’ll move those bullets out of Damage and into the earlier Dice section in the next printing.

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Took me a second to get it but:

0-1: Roll 1d2 and subtract 1.
0-2: Roll 1d3 and subtract 1.
0-3: Roll 1d4 and subtract 1.

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