Aiding with Instructor

I’m starting a game right now in PbP (beginning with Deliver the Mail), and Ingrid the mouse is trying to use Instructor to aid her tenderpaw, Robin, on a Pathfinder test.

Now, she can just use Pathfinder, so it’s all flavor anyways. The question is, would you let her use Instructor? It will probably come up later. The way I see it, there are two interpretations:

1. Sure, Whatever: Instructor can be used to advise on most “gradual” skills, like Pathfinder, Armorer—basically anything that’s not immediate.
2. Pretty Much Nope: Instructor can only be used in tasks that already involve instruction, like some instances of Militarist where you’re trying to mobilize mice and show them how to do something. This is a very narrow interpretation, of course.

Pretty, Much Nope

Not even only because that would be way OP if it could.