Ajya Ironsalt, Human Shieldwench and would-be queen

When her father, the old king of the Broken Isles, died Ajya made claim to the throne as his eldest child. Alas, his brother Ice Eyes, snatched the throne from her under the pretence that being a woman makes her unfit to rule. When she persisted in her claim he exiled her from the Broken Isles. Now, cast upon the pebbly shores of the adventurer’s lifestyle, she searches the wider world for the treasure and manpower to claim her throne.

Ajya is of medium height, but of lean and muscular build. She has her father’s close-cropped raven hair and hawkish features, but with her mother’s gold-flecked brown eyes. She loves fighting, drinking and pissing.

Name: Ajya Ironsalt
Stock: Human
Class: Warrior
Age: 20
Home: Broken Isles on the Salted Sea
Raiment: Well-worn sailor’s finery over her boiled leathers.
Parents: Balor & Marlith Ironsalt (deceased)
Mentor: Brock the Hunter
Friend: Hezrog t the Steward (a bookish favourite uncle)
Enemy: Spingon the Fae (an elf ranger/pirate)
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaligned
Belief: In death I find life and strength.
Goal: -
Instinct: Never give up what is yours.
Traits: Heart of Battle, Extrovert

  • Will 3
  • Health 4
  • Nature: Human 5 (Boasting, Demanding and Running)
  • Circles 4
  • Resources 0
    Wise: Sea-wise
    Skills: Fighter 4, Hunter 4 (sp), Commander 2, Rider 2, Mentor 2, Survivalist 3, Sailor 2, Manipulator 2

Head: Acorn Helm
Neck: Her father’s sealskin cloak with her family’s symbol: the coiled shark (1D treasure)
Hands (carried): Lantern
Torso (3): Satchel, Leather Armour
Belt (pouch): Tinderbox
Belt (weapon): Hand Axe
Belt (skin): Wine (full)
Feet: Tall boots
Satchel (3): Small sack, Flask of oil, preserved rations

Here is my rendition

Oh my gods, she’s beautiful!

Sweeeet. (Instinct: “We do not sow.”? :wink: ) It’s a great background for an adventurer.

I would think the better instinct would be: Always pay the Iron Price

HAHA! Well, I didn’t want to rip poor Asha off entirely. :slight_smile:

wait, she loves pissing?

:slight_smile: Yes!

I actually wrote that, read what I’d wrote, gave a solid “Wha???” Then decided to keep it. Not exactly sure how it works, but it fits her.

Well done!

Thank you Luke. She was a lot of fun to build. I’m really looking forward to reading this game in full!

Belief- What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger