Alien Life form as 2nd PC (e.g. "I need a Stentor or a Kerrn") and other problems

(Demian Luper) #1

Our group is finishing up PCs and one of the players will be playing a famous biotech entrepreneur (a “Tony Stark of biology.”) The world we burned up has alien life forms on it. This player wants one of the alien life forms to be his second PC/sidekick. However, instead of another PC with lifepaths, he wants the sidekick to be an alien.

First, should this even be possible?

Second, this player wants one of the native alien life forms’ specials to be that it can detect Vaylen…which I’m begging the GM to disallow because boring/broken.


(Luke Wheel) #2

I think an alien bodyguard is great. But I think you should definitely monitor its abilities. Don’t let it break the game/setting.

(Demian Luper) #3

We’ve decided we’re not going to allow the free Vaylen-auto-detect. We’ll hash out the rest at tomorrow’s session.

It would be a lot more interesting if there’s something about the creature’s physiology that the scientist PC could discover and apply over the course of the game.

The creature is sweet tho: size of a great dane/small pony, walking on six insect legs and tentacles coming out of its face. Also becoming the hip new pet for the elite nobles of the world…