All Hallow's Eve Town Event's Table!

I have this posted on the Google+ Page as well, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to double post. Hooray Halloween shenanigans!

In the spirit of +Jared Sorensen’s Torchbearer Halloween I humbly present for your consideration:

The All Hallow’s Eve Town Events Table

If entering town on All Hallow’s Eve, modify the Entering Town Table. On a roll of 2-9, instead of continuing to the Disaster, Minor Inconvenience or Peaceful Town table, proceed to the Modified Halloween Disasters Table.

Halloween Disasters (2d6)

2 - The Dead Rise! The shambling remains of deceased towsnfolk lay siege to the Town. Remain in Adventure Phase until the source of this dread reanimation is discovered.

3 - Haunted Inn! The locals, as part of the festivities have opened the Inn to all weary travelers arriving in town this eve. Too late, the group realizes they have been made a blood sacrifice to the Vengeful Ghosts who inhabit the inn! Remain in Adventure Phase until the party can escape the hellish labyrinth that is the Haunted Inn.

4 - Demonic Mischief Makers! A group of mysterious children wearing traditional masks terrorizes the populace of the town by night, stealing babies, burning down houses and desecrating the temple. Their giggling laughter mingles with the sobs of their victims. Remain in Adventure Phase until the party survives the night or drives off the demonic children.

5 - The Horror in the Well! A horrible, suckered creature has dragged itself out of the town well and kidnapped the beautiful, nubile daughter of the Mayor! Martial Law has been imposed and a group of guardsmen sent down into the well. A series of shrieks and screams issues from the mouth of the well, followed by a fountain of blood and gore. Remain in Adventure Phase until the fate of the Mayor’s daughter has been ascertained.

6 - Trick or Treat! A kindly old woman dressed as a witch approaches you and offers a Trick or a Treat. If Trick is selected, a member of the party may test Lore Master, Scholar or Theologian against the woman’s Ob2 Riddle. If Treat, the woman grants your party a bag of Rations, Junk Food (pack 1). This may be used to alleviate Hungry/Thirsty or as supplies for recovering from Angry or Afraid.

7 - Some scamp in a mask throws an egg at you, then runs away. Get your gear cleaned up (Peasant test ob 1) else your soiled clothing be a factor in social tests. {Courtesy J. Sorensen}

8 - ???

9 - ???

10 - ???

11 - You find a (cursed/blessed) item…

• rotting cloth mask made out of an old, dirty, ripped up small sack. Anyone viewing another person wearing this mask becomes Afraid. The mask cannot be taken off without help. :open_mouth: 1/2 pack slot.

• grotesquely carved pumpkin. Placing a lit inside provides light that cannot be blown out at the GM’s whim. The candle gives you +1D against evil spirits. 1 pack slot (holds 1 candle).

• sling stone carved into a leering skull. Slinging or throwing this stone at someone causes the victim to fall to the ground giggling madly (treat as an automatic disarming). This artifact only effects humanoid creatures. Fits in a sling stone pouch.

• a key carved from the bone of a hanged criminal. This key can bypass any lock, once, then crumbles into dust. 1 slot packed or worn around neck on a cord.

• a mummified cat. Placed by a roaring campfire while you sleep, it will yowl loudly should an intruder venture near. Takes 2 pack slots to carry.

• goblin skull flask. A gruesome item that sours any liquid poured into it. Counts as a bottle for holding water and taking up pack slots. {Courtesy J. Sorensen}

12 - A disembodied soul finds purchase in the corpus of an adventurer (determined randomly). Requires an ob 4 Will test or an exorcism ritual (Banish/abjure conflict) to cast out the spirit. Until then, then adventurer gains no advances and can only babble in some weird, long-dead tongue. {Courtesy J. Sorensen}

Happy Halloween!

These are great! I look forward to using them on your group in a few days :wink:

Believe me, I’ve been thinking about the possibility. The timing looks like it might be perfect. Also, cant believe we’re about to make camp.

8: Dia de los Muertos: You encounter a parade of garishly dressed celebrants, capering along the streets and alleys, paying its respects to the dead.

9: Offerings of food, drink and coin have been left on the stoops and lintels of every house in town. All homes, shops, guilds and inns are shut and barred on the Day of the Dead. Will you disturb the offerings? Where do you sleep this night?

10: You encounter a somberly dressed older man. He’s preternaturally tall and pale; his voice is basso. He invites you to dinner at his manor on All Hallow’s Eve. Do you accept?

Very cool!

Really kicks in at 2:50.