All Size Matter - How size could affect combat.

Hello once again. I had an idea about the size. I don´t had the MG 2nd Edition, only the first and sometimes, I feel that Nature Order can be used to affect the disposition of opponent that is much larger than the average guardmouse,

I want to know if you add the difference between your mouse and the opponent don´t make the combat much more challenging and exciting. Let me explain

When roll for disposition, add a modifier of +1D for each Tier over the mouse nature order of things. Using this simple rule, the conflict between a Mouse and a Weasel (one tier higher than mouse) can be more dramatic and dangerous because the GM will had 1 extra die to roll for sucess to generate disposition. Larger beasts like a bear will had +5D to add in disposition roll. But the size only affect combat, chasing and any other physical task. A mouse mounting a bird can add the diference between Bird and his prey to make the disposition more realistic and epic.

What you think?

One alternative will be to add +1D for each two tiers in Natural Order into disposition roll. Check the chart bellow.

i think this is partially taken care of because at the Start of the Conflict you roll Nature and add it to Nature, so the GM gets to “double dip” on Nature. And big animals tend to have really big Nature. i think Wolves get 8 die + 2 helpers and Bears and Moose have 12 natural die.

You can adopt the Torchbearer Nature rules: +1s per order of Natural Order difference.

Awesome! That is a fine solution, Luke. This really impact in the decision to fight a bigger animal than you and bring tension and fear to conflict.


Alessandro Franzen