Allowing The Dwarven Outcast Setting When Lifepaths Do Not List It As a Lead

Basic character concept: A Dwarf Delver who rose to the position of foreman becomes known as an oath breaker because she failed to protect her crew. The Foreman LP doesn’t list outcast as a lead, but I feel like allowing this is fine. Her Oath is something along the lines of, “My crew is my family and I will protect them as I would a child.” In the course of her excavations, she awoke some terrible beast and, rather than honoring her oath, ran away leaving the crew to perish.

The main thrust of the game is going to be slaying this monster to regain the trust and respect of her Clan.


Having the Outcast LP means you spend some time as an Outcast. If he is freshly thrown out than start him as a Foreman with the appropriate Traits.

If you want to make your game about a long-outcast Dwarf trying to earn her place again, you can consider making a lead. I don’t think it will break anything. It’s a bad precedent, though: the lifepaths and leads are a key to keeping characters organic and enforcing a world. It’s better in general to work with the player to come up with appropriate lifepaths within the rules.

There’s no way to give an extra appropriate lifepath bridging foreman and outcast?

As I understand it, it’s an intent of the system that you can’t always get what you want during character creation. Part of the notion is, this gives them something to work for once the game starts. Part of it is also just game balance.
It’s generally unwise to break the rules because “it’s necessary for the character concept” - try to tweak the concept so that it fits, instead.

Really depends how your group of players rolls. Some groups work better when ya just stick to the rules. Others almost necessitate some rules futzing in order to achieve the grand vision you make together.

In my group, I tend to give a lot of leeway. Add a lead, whatever, doesn’t break anything, so long as the player can explain themselves well. Heck, I even grant free traits if the player can present a good reason for it (like in our current campaign where one player has a 2-lifepath PC, and +5 bonus trait points).

We do have some hard and fast rules for rules changes though:

  1. All fudging of the rules is up to a player vote, must be unanimous. It’s not just up to the GM.
  2. Fudging character stats can only be done during character burning. After that, you’re stuck with the RAW.