Alms-Wise Skill


The Intinerant Monk LifePath gives access to the Alms-Wise skill. Yet this skill neither part of the skill list (should be p.254, after Almanac) nor the skill index at the end of the book. Is this normal? Is it a “left-over” of previous editions?


At the beginning of the skills section, Luke mentions that there are so many wises he did not even attempt to describe them all. Given that none of them have a description aside form the general entry, I’m guessing it’s more likely an oversight in the index.

My monk “Loquien” linked it into begging (to know how to get the best donations. And FoRKed it into suations to convince people to help the needy.
I guess Wises get the same grace that Caracter Traits do; if it isn’t explained, it’s supposed to be obvious or self explanatory. (Let’s just say I’ve become great friends with my dictionary causr I’m always looking stuff up!)

Ok, so the amount FoRKables skills for a specific skill is not limited to the ones included in the description of the skill?

No. The list is what’s most likely, but anything that’s applicable to the situation at hand can be a FoRK. And if a skill is on the list but isn’t really related to this particular use of the primary skill it can’t be a FoRK.

And I suppose wises are not listed because there is an “infinite” possibility of them? (Alms-Wise is not listed in the Begging skill’s description as a possible FoRK…)

Yes, exactly. And relevant wises are always possible FoRKs.

Alright, thanks again guys!